Zenvo ST1

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    Performance Car drives the ST1 in their latest issue.

    There was an old thread about this car when I searched, but it hadn't been updated in nine months. So I thought I would start a new one.

    I wanted to post a picture of the engine bay that Performance Car had in their new issue. The car is supercharged AND turbocharged, the latter being a massive Garrett unit that dominates the rear of the engine bay, heat wrap and all.

    The interior looks a bit 9ff GT9, but classier, which I happen to like.

    Performance car said that Zenvo had to detune it from 1300 or so hp. It makes over 1100 at the wheels. And it's a plain-jane six-speed manual.

    I really like the exterior, including the gaping vents in the front and rear.

    Cool new stuff is always fun.

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    Philip Elberling
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    Neat car! I have a soft spot for these small manufacturers pouring their life into their dreams. Some succeed, some don't, but I'm always fascinated by what they create.
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    You put this perfectly, I agree 100%.

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