Yutaka Katayama - father of the Z car - 104 years old!

Discussion in 'General Automotive Discussion' started by rdefabri, Dec 23, 2013.

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    Shame on me for not realizing that Yutaka Katayama - affectionately known as "Mr. K" - was still among the living.

    I'm a diehard Z-car fan, and Mr. K is largely credited with helping to shape it for the American market. He's also regarded as the father of the Z-car and the 510, both legends. I've been fortunate to own many 240Z / 280Zs, and many of my friends had them as well. We spent our youth tinkering on these great vehicles.

    I sold one a few years back to get my E-Type running. I do want another 240Z!

    Although his birthday passed, Happy belated Birthday to Mr. K - a youthful 104 years old!!!

    Autos, Test Drive, Noticias y mucho más.: Yutaka Katayama Birthday - Congratulations Mr. K 104 years
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    god bless him!!!!
  3. NürScud

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    Of course! Z is one of the greatest JDM cars ever produced.

    My respects.
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    i meet him 10-12 years ago at the z-car natls in tulsa,ok,,got him to autograph his book,i hope he lives 10+ more years
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    Wow. The legend still lives.

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