Your thoughts on this car? 2006 CTS-V

Discussion in 'General Automotive Discussion' started by Carsonp, Sep 19, 2011.


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    Well I had a '06, great engine, good gearbox, crap rear end. There are bushing kits that help. Put 45K on mine, no real issues.

    That car does look dirty for that price. Plus those aren't the OEM wheels. You can do better, or get it for under 20 grand.
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    i dont see anyhting for less $$$ and similer or less miles. Id love to see them! (must be black BTW :D )

    I would sell or trade those wheels for stockers and pick up a cheap set for winter wheels/tires.

    There are a few fixes for the rear end now-a-days so im not terribly concerned. new axles, some suspension goodies, etc...

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