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    Tesla has changed the automotive and tech world, like it or not. Simultaneously. Love or hate their designs, prices, etc we are all watching what they are doing and how they are doing it. When it comes to modification, the Tesla is no different for some of us. It is another vehicle that we want to put our personal touches on and stand out from the rest.

    This customer had that same desire. They wanted to do something to set their Tesla apart from all the rest. That’s when we introduced Novitec’s Tesla program to the mix. Yes. Novitec makes Tesla parts evil grin. We decided on the Novitec Front Lip Spoiler, Side Skirts, Rear Diffusor, and Rear Spoiler. All in carbon fiber. Since we were starting to go all in, might as well make the TESLA even more menacing. A complete XPEL Stealth Paint Protection Clear Bra was applied to create a Matte Grey look. Finishing touches on the body are provided by a complete TAG Motorsports Painted Black-Out Package.

    The final act of the show was the wheels. It was decided that HRE wheels would be the choice, in the S209H variation. The wheels were finished with a Gloss Black Lip and Satin Black Face. Pirelli Scorpion Zero Tires were the choice of tires. Unplugged Performance’s Lowering Kit brought all the work of art together, for a proper stance.

    This is definitely one Tesla that will turn heads, and stand out amongst all the new Model X’s on the road. We look forward to seeing the modding bug find its way to more Tesla customers as the brand keeps expanding.

    2017 Tesla Model X P100D
    -22" HRE S209H in Satin Black Face with Gloss Black Lip
    -265/35/22 and 285/35/22 Pirelli Scorpion Zero Tires
    -TAG Motorsports Painted Black-Out Package
    -Unplugged Performance Suspension Lowering Kit
    -Novitec Front Lip Spoiler in Carbon
    -Novitec Side Skirts in Carbon
    -Novitec Rear Diffusor in Carbon
    -Novitec Rear Spoiler in Carbon
    -Complete Vehicle XPEL Stealth Paint Protection Clear Bra

    If you have any questions feel free to contact us HERE

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