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Discussion in 'Mondial' started by lusso64, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. lusso64

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    Hi all, I am looking for the center console fan speed controller knob, the center console foglight switch, and of course a convertible roof latch.

    I have sourced all these parts new at new prices, but would hope to find a few of them in someone's parts box in the corner of their garage. If that is you and you'd like to liberate these fine items and acquire some cash, please let me know!

    My car is an 89t but I believe that these components are common across all Mondies.

    Thanks in advance.... Dave
  2. Birdman

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    THE Birdman
    "ronfrohock" here on Fchat manufactures a better-than-factory replacement for your roof latch. Send him a PM!

    As for the rest of it....eBay is your friend, as long as you are not in a rush.


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