William Favre

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    Dec 19, 2004
    BENE!! The Brock Yates Article is Great. I'd still LOVE to know where the 'reportedly' 8 Examples are, as William Favre's personal 250 Testa Rossa, and Pictures! Devotamente , gF 141444841, member: 28269"]If you can, get a copy of Car and Driver of Dec. 1989. The story of this guy could be the inspiration for a "can't put it down" novel or a RRR rated film. It has sex, divorse. embezlementing hugh $$$, forgery,screw your best buddy to the wall,suicide, attempted murder, you name it in such places as Paris and Monte Carlo and all around the building and selling fake 250GTOs to the "more money than brains" types in other exotic locations. This guy really out did the Dubbini brothers. It's hard to make jup somethin better than this. tongascrew[/QUOTE]

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