Who do you use for paint protection?

Discussion in 'New York Tri-State' started by Andynyc, May 4, 2017.

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    Apr 20, 2017
    I just bought my first Ferrari, should be delivered in a week or two! I want to get ppf, what's a good place to use in the Long Island/queens area? And what's your thoughts on ceramic coating? Thanks!
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    Stephen H. Frankel
    Detailing Dynamics in Mineola has done all of my wrap and detailing work. Have worked on everything for me (from sports cars like the 599 GTO, 458 Italia, 997 TTS Cab. to "regular" cars like Beemers and Jeeps, etc.). I haven't tried the ceramic coating yet but I'm sure Matt/Eddie at Detailing Dynamics can give you all of your options.
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    Mike G.
    Impressive Detail 3340 Lawson Blvd Oceanside NY. Call Joe 917 602- 9761 he does amazing work on clear bras.
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    Mike L.
    Get a quote from Angelo at Universal Autosports in Glen Cove, they are doing the wrap on my car as we speak for the whole front end, reasonably priced. Very honest, good group of guys.
  5. LI2782

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    Jul 19, 2010
    OCD graphics or ARTint for ppf and joe at Get It Detailed or Chris and joe at prime auto care for detailing
  6. Andynyc

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    Apr 20, 2017
    How did your wrap come out? I called dynamic detailing but they don't have an opening until end of August. I am not waiting that long, I am using my car as dd when the weather is nice and already got a scratch, I need to get it wrapped.

    Did you do ceramic coating too or just wrap?
  7. Eli355

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    Li detail Ask for Andrew. Class act
  8. rpps

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    You should buzz up Detailers Domain in Bergen County.

    Been speaking with the owner Phil who will be doing XPEL on my inbound M2. It's clear he's a car freak and OCD.
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    Aug 22, 2002
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    Hi I was actually thinking about doing a ceramic coating after a good detail (buffing out all the contaminants and then wax or teflon) I have clear bra on my car.
    So you do not recommend it??
  11. D'elegance

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    Jul 28, 2017
    Hello folks before you start to call me for quotes just note I am actually based out of San Diego. However, I was lurking around and wanted to give you guys some valuable information on these things. I have been in this business for roughly 20 years and between my employees and I we have a multitude of experience. I am not here to sell you on anything, however, being that I have a lot of experience with all the major brands out there I think you guys could probably benefit on this information.

    Now before we begin to get into the discussion of which is better ceramic coatings or PPF you first need to ask yourself a few questions. The answers here will determine what is best for you.

    1) Do you plan on keeping the vehicle for the long haul?
    2) What is the intended usage of this vehicle going to be?
    3) Do you care about how the PPF will look after years of wear and tear?
    4) If your answer to question 3 is yes, then do you care about having the PPF reinstalled roughly every 5-7 years?

    If the answers to these questions steer you into PPF then some things to take into consideration. There is always a margin of error when it comes to when it is time to take it off and reinstall. Usually this process is very laborious and often times the people who are removing it causes a lot of scratching or even worse depending on the adhesive it sometimes ruins the paint. I can't speak for every installer out there but we use proper adhesives, installation, and removal techniques so that our clients will not have these issues. Most PPF installers aren't detailers so during removal they aren't typically certified for paint correction. Having a business that does both is optimal IMHO.

    Now assuming there are no issues with removal, the issues with PPF are usually wear and tear over time. The warranties do NOT cover wear and tear. So in essence they are completely pointless and are just used as a selling tool. Because you will find out if the film has manufacture defects during install or shortly after install.

    Next is the obvious wear and tear factor. 9 out of 10 PPF I have come across looked like crap. And usually the PPF was less than 3 years old. Why? Because the PPF loses its properties over time just like most things in life. 2nd law of thermodynamics proves this. So now the question is well how do I protect my PPF from this and how can I prolong it? The answer is simple. Get a professional applied and professional grade ceramic coating on top of your PPF. I never sell PPF to a client and not advise them on coating it with ceramic. All of my PPF coatings have lasted and look better over the test of time due to this technique.

    Now the next question is well what brand should I get? I mean there are so many options and info it is hard to determine and everyone says their brand is best. Well I am going to break it down for you dispassionately. You make the decision.

    As someone who has installed and is an authorized installer for Nano-Fusion, Xpel Ultimate, Suntek and 3m clear bra films, I will suggest you think outside of the marketing box.

    While Nano-Fusion has a lifetime warranty and Xpel Ultimate has a 10 year warranty, I believe you should consider the films usable lifespan rather than what a warranty covers. Warranties do not protect you from wear and tear of the film. Over years of use the film will get damaged by rock impacts, bug marks that were not cleaned off immediately, bird droppings left on too long and/or staining from lack of cleaning or protection. A better question will be what film provides the best protection during a reasonable and usable life and looks the best while it does it?

    Here is my breakdown and experience with the biggest name films in the USA.

    3m/Ventureshield: stay away from it. 3m sent Venture down the toilet after they purchased it. 3m scotchguard sucks just as much if not worse. The adhesives are terrible and the exposed surface is insanely prone to marring and scratches. However, the new 3M PPF seems to be a lot better, but take this with a grain of your favorite spice because it is relatively not that old yet.

    Clear Gaurd Nano-Fusion: Best chemical resistance(think bug marks, bird droppings and acid rain). Installer-friendly adhesive and stretchability. The last formula I used had more texture than I would be happy offering paying customers. "Limited Lifetime Warranty" is offered.

    Suntek top coated self-healing film: Looks just as good as Xpel Ultimate and in some cases better(not every roll is the same from any manufacturer). Quality is top notch with fewer manufacturer defects that I spot. Best adhesive in my experience, which equates to a better installation. The best and quickest at rectifying manufacturer problems with film(install enough from anyone and you get stuff that slipped through QA). Best pricepoint. The self-healing attributes absolutely work amazingly and just as good as Xpel Ultimate. 5-year warranty.

    Xpel Ultimate: Tied with Suntek on looks. Works as advertised. Adhesive is too aggressive and can lead to working marks where Suntek or Nano would not. Customer service is not quite as good as Suntek -though that may be because my distributor handles my claims with Suntek and stuff gets done fast. I have been having issues with Xpel Ultimate's film being as defect free as you would expect from the most expensive film on the market.

    The bottom line for me is that I believe Suntek hits the mark for most car owners. Their product is priced competitively while providing just as high quality, if not higher, as anyone else. True, they do not offer a 10-year or lifetime warranty. But if you're driving your car and the film is taking a beating, will you be happy with how it looks in 6 years? Unlikely. View the film as a wear and tear protection for the paint on your valuable car. I know someone else who tells their Xpel Ultimate clients that they should expect to replace it in 5 years regardless of what Xpel says. He understands what the products real world lifespan is and shares it with his clients. Xpel and CCL(the company that manufactures Nano-Fusion) know that playing the numbers means 95% of car owners will sell their car well before 10 years or a lifetime is up and that warranty will not need to be honored when the film is cracking and falling apart and making a nightmare for a car owner. The law of thermodynamics proves that if it gets used, it will age.

    With all that said, if I were looking for the most resilient film, looks aside, I would get Nano-Fusion. Though, if I were not isolating this to just my view on clear bras alone. Suntek with a ceramic coating on top of it provides a lot of chemical resistance as well and is a fine option which would offer the best looks and stellar chem resistance.

    I know Xpel Ultimate is big in the community and I am not saying that Xpel Ultimate is garbage and any of you have wasted your money. I am providing the viewpoint of a professional who actually has installed all of those films over the years. For everyone, the bottom line is if you're happy with your purchase, you made the right one."

    Now if after answering these questions you find yourself saying PPF is probably not for you, well do NOT worry as professional grade ceramic coatings are a wonderful and durable way to protect your vehicles. Being an installer, both past and present, for most of the well known brands I can tell you that these coatings work and are an excellent way to protect and add value to your vehicle. The devils are always in the details and quality really comes down to the craftsman in prepping the vehicle. Typically speaking the more expensive detailers who do second to none work their coatings tend to last longer and look their best over time. In my experience I personally have some favorite brands of coatings that tend to work and look better. However, for the sake of starting arguments I will NOT disclose those brands. However, I will say take into consideration that the detailers who ONLY carry a certain brand when they tell you their brand is best take it with a grain of salt because of course it is to them cause it is all they carry. Also take with a grain of salt peoples reviews on their own purchases because most people just want to justify their purchase. As an installer for 7 major brands, I do not sell people coatings. I advise them on all the different brands I carry as well as price options, so they can make an informed decision.

    Detail once; protect for life. Be the best; or be nobody! If anyone has any questions I will be happy to assist you.

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