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Discussion in 'Other Off Topic Forum' started by schwoo, Apr 2, 2017.

  1. schwoo

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    My wife and I were driving in the 458 spyder, top down. A pick up truck intentionally pulls in front of us, steps on the gas and covers us with black soot. My wife insisted I let it go. Never get into a fight with someone that has nothing to lose. Photos are examples of what happened. I think they purposely modify trucks to do this.[​IMG][​IMG]Totally no class.

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  2. gt1995

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    Sep 3, 2011
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    That absolutely sucks, but your wife was right to say that you should just let it go. Nothing to be gained.

    By the way, the practice is called "Rolling Coal" and is popular in the "brodozer" truck culture. See for details.
  3. energy88

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    If you have a plate number or a photo, you could report it to the Florida State Police or the Florida Air Resources agency. Your wife has good judgment.
  4. Wade

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    Wade O.
    Here's the law for Florida, but you can see how anyone can get around it by denying/lying:

    (3) No person shall operate on the public roads or streets of this state any diesel-powered motor vehicle which emits visible emissions from the exhaust pipe for more than a continuous period of 5 seconds, except during engine acceleration, engine lugging, or engine deceleration.

    Statutes & Constitution :View Statutes : Online Sunshine

    But fortunately, without photos or video, not much will happen to the trucker ****er.
  5. Wade

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    Wade O.
    "Truck Culture", biggest idiots/bullies/*******s on the roads.
  6. spicedriver

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    Feb 1, 2011
    Best thing is to get a picture of the smoke, and the driver, and get the plate number. Pictures would be great evidence, but all you really need is the plate number, and be able to ID the driver to open a criminal case against this jerk.
  7. lornafkmas

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    Apr 4, 2017
    Wow, thats very serious, but i think it might work for most cases :p
  8. valter

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  9. ylshih

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    Posts that begin "Not trying to get P&R, but..." are usually a bad idea. :cool:
  10. anunakki

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    Clean your car, then smile in realization that you arent so miserable inside that you need to hurt other people to get your jollies.
  11. ///Mike

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    Dec 11, 2003
    Marquette, I saw something in a title of a YouTube video about idiot truck drivers that might give you a chuckle: "Sorry about your small penis".

    There are a lot of them where I live and it seems they're sharing one brain between the lot of 'em.
  12. Nativetroy

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    Your wife had the right idea. Only people I've seen do that are complete egotistical idiots. No reason to piss them off. I liken it to a dog pissing on a tree. They are trying to show their dominance, though only them and their idiot buddy thinks it's funny.
    You're driving a Ferrari. You have already won.
  13. Bas Jaski

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    Ah yes, an activity reserved exclusively for the mentally feeble.
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  14. norcal2

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    Put in a dash cam..this same thing happens to me when im cycling with the smoking trucks on purpose, I have a front mounted camera I use to record all...and in California there is a complaint form I have filed as a result..good luck..

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