What was this car for sale for--a Pavesi cut 400...

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    I found this on a blogspot called Erwin400blogspot. He said "Ferrari already authorized Pavesi itself to make the electric hoods out of the 400 by performing interventions, in addition to cutting of the roof, also to strengthen other bodywork components.
    Therefore the Ferrari 412 "Vento Rosso" has remained at the level of the only exemplary as this initiative has not followed even for the well-known financial vicissitudes of Pavesi itself.
    In light of the above it seems appropriate to note that this car belongs to that category of only one "ONE OFF" that for a collector, and even more if the owner of other Ferraris, is a unique piece of significant historical interest and certain future value.
    The Ferrari 412 Pavesi called "Vento Rosso" was built from the Pavesi body between 1991 and 1993, on a chassis (no. 81.011) of the Ferrari 412. This is not a partial modification (as they had already been done on other Ferrari 400) but a completely new body design entirely made by Pavesi, which is a unique example (ONE OFF). The name Vento Rosso was given by Pavesi himself to give the car a different connotation from the Ferrari 412.

    The bonnet, the boot and the hood lid are made of aluminum, fiberglass bumpers and the remaining steel body panels. The bonnet has a higher slope than the standard car; the back is higher and without spoiler. On the sides the body is marked by a step that starts at the front lightly, then increases the projection up to ¾ of the car, and then decreases again towards the trunk.

    The interior has remained the original with the seats in black leather while the hood has been completely redesigned and a sophisticated electro-hydraulic handling system has been created that automatically performs the maneuvers automatically in sequence."

    I'm not too keen on the rear end restyling but I know Pavesi knows what they are doing. Also in the ad copy it says" Production only 303 from 1985 to 1989" but does that mean 412 coupes overall or convertibles cut by Pavesi?
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    I saw this car at Coys Legende et Passion Monaco in 2014. The name of the car was Ventorosso. Production of 303 could be interpreted as 412 overall with manual gearbox. As far as I know Pavesi converted few 400 and 412, certainly not 100's.
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    This forum has been around for a very long time because of its passionate and resourceful members, as some of the more important factors for its longevity. You will find that most of the cars have been previously written about at some point or another since such a limited number of them were produced. So, I used the search feature and found these links on the very same convertible within this thread by simply typing up 'Pavesi':

    1) In 2014 -

    2) In 2016 -

    3) In 2016 again -

    4) and now another one this past week based on Erwin's recent post.

    Whoever wants to learn more about car and the forum member's opinions will now be able to look at all of the links for it in this one... As they always say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and there won't be a need for a 5th thread!
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    The back end looks like a C5 corvette rear glued on upside down and 89 Thunderbird headlights. What a horrible creation.
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    I was thinking that the front was from an Oldsmobile...... or maybe a Saturn.

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