What does the Carlos Ghosn say about outside automakers partnering in Japan?

Discussion in 'Events Discussion' started by bitzman, Aug 12, 2020.

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    Feb 15, 2008
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    I just saw the 10-min. or so report on Bloomberg and it seems to imply that Japanese executives were miffed that they were taking small salaries while he was being paid millions, not only for heading up Nissan but a car maker in France. He supposedly has a net worth of $129 million at the low estimate on up to a billion. He hired an ex Green Beret who was stationed at one time in Lebanon to smuggle him out in a packing crate to turkey then to his home country which doesn't extradite. I am not saying he is not guilty but I am worried for any american automaker or European automaker that ties in with Japanese automakers who are against the free enterprise system, You have to admit he greatly improved Nissan's car sales.
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