Value of 1987 MASERATI ROYALE ?

Discussion in 'Maserati' started by F456M, Jun 23, 2015.

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    Hi guys!

    I am about to buy a 1987 euro spec Maserati Royale in good running condition With some small rust attacs. The car has run about 135.000 kms. and has been driven regularly since new. It is azzurro (silver/very light blue) With a grey interior. It has the golden clock (std. QP IIIs had the digital) and it has a MANUAL transmission!! There is no doubt it is an original Royale as it has the fold out Wood tables and the bigger grill and the drink cups. It also has red cam covers which is also one of the different features of the Royale. Factory spec says 300 hp versus 280 on the original QP III. Anyone know the difference and if it really has 20 hp extra?

    I am wondering what this car can be worth?? There is no doubt that this is one of the most expensive-to-build cars Maserati have ever build. It is two tonnes of pure precition italian craftmanship. It is also the VERY LAST cars to feature the four cam four carb old school V8 With headers and that superb sound and throttle response. Is popular as manual shifter is in the later Ferraris, I can not see why it should be a bad thing in this car either. The tree speed Chrysler auto Box is smooth for sure, but the car is considderably slower than With a manual.

    Thanks for all inputs.
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    The manual transmission is desirable for many. The Royale 4.9 V8 was tuned for higher HP output than previous QPIIIs. Can you post any photos? Is the car in the USA or somewhere else? Prices for these cars tend to be much stronger in Europe.
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    mitchell barnes
    😊good for you. Rust can be a serious problem. I bought an 84. Motor just rebuilt. So far I have spent $15,000 on a good looking car with no rust issues. As a collector the Royal would be a rare find. Five speed even better. They only made 50 pluse 5 mideast cars. So brave your bank account. If you choose not to buy I am very interested. Please let me know. As to HP. Yes it has a bit more. But the car is so heavy you will not know All the best if you purchase the car
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    I just read now your message.... owning a Royale I would be interested in sharing some impressions about the car and some pics as well. Thanks!

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