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    Aug 26, 2016
    It's sold already ? The price was too low !! For a GTO only 8000 km!

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    Shahz. K.
    It was a GTB with a GTO kit...
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    Not trying to be insulting, but your friend "might be interested in a 599 GTO with an asking price of US $95K depending on condition" ??? The most obvious clue other than the price is there were no 2009 model year 599 GTO's and the model was not even announced by Ferrari until Q2 2010. Quite clearly as pointed out by others it was a 599 GTB, however, that was still a VERY good price for a 2009 599 GTB with less than 5,000 miles and the bonus of the GTO add-ons. Was a great deal for someone and a nice looking car.

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