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Discussion in 'Other Racing' started by Need4Spd, Oct 15, 2017.

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    I just watched coverage of the recent Monterey Motorsports Reunion (yeah, I know, way after the fact). What amazed me was how the producers of the program just don't understand the point of historics racing. It's not like normal racing where the focus and interest should be mainly on the front runners, or close dicing further back. Instead, the cameras should roam the field and focus viewers on cars of all types, no matter where they are in the pack, because there are great cars of all types mixed together, and the most interesting or most beautiful are not always (and in fact are rarely) the front-runners. For example, one race included sports car racers from the '60s to the early '70s. The race was won by a 1973 Gulf Mirage, but the field included '66 and '67 Ferrari P3s and P4s. Yet, despite the presence of these beautiful and very interesting cars, the cameras hardly gave them a look, instead concentrating on the race winning Mirage.

    Well, who cares? Of course a mid-'60s racing car is not likely to beat an early '70s car of the same type, but that's not the point! Those interested in watching historics want to see the vintage cars of their dreams running on the track in race-like conditions. We are only mildly interested in who wins!!
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    The announcers sort of try, but the camera operators only know how to cover "regular" racing. Compare the spectator areas of the Historics to this past weekends 8 hour endurance race at Laguna which started a grand total of 19 cars. Far more people come out for the old cars than the new ones.
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    'Understand your point regarding covering the whole field. However, in this case I enjoyed seeing the Mirage as the Ferraris get much more coverage than the far rarer covered Mirages.... :shrug:

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