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    All three cars listed in this ad are all coming from the same collector. The cars can be bought as a package deal, at a discount for two, or all three.

    2011 458 challenge Evo
    11,800 KM

    The car is currently wrapped in Rosso Vinaccia, underneath the car is is white. This car has never had an any major damage or crash history, no frame damage etc. The car has just been serviced.

    The car is coming with:
    New Brakes: a brand new set of pads and disks that have never been used
    Extra set of wheels
    The updated new Challenge series seat
    Asking 150k

    2014 458 Challenge Evo
    15,950 KM

    The car is wrapped in Matte Silver underneath, it is red.

    There is no brake wear reading, as the car is currently running steel rotors with aftermarket pads. Everything else is ready to run for the Challenge series

    The car is coming with an extra set of wheels as well as a medium passenger seat. The car has been used as a track day toy and not raced recently at all.

    The car is currently set up to run at Sonoma race way and was just serviced in August and has been serviced regularly. It has not had any major accidents or frame damage. It has the original engine and gearbox with updates.

    Asking 165K


    2015 458 Challenge Evo
    14,241 KM

    The car is coming with an XL Passenger seat and an extra set of wheels

    The car has a custom wrap design, underneath the wrap the car is white, I have included pictures of the car with and without the wrap. Currently running the Spec B Shocks, we used the car in the 2017 season, it is a strong car and has no issues. It can be used in the Challenge next season or as a track toy right now. It has a fresh service.The gearbox has been rebuilt, It has the original engine, no major accidents or frame damage.

    Asking 175K

    Please call me or email me with any inquires
    530 262 1346
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    Price drop on the White 2015 and Matte gray 2014

    White 2015 Asking
    Matte Gray Asking
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