The ultimate horse vs. bull challenge.

Discussion in 'Middle East' started by Rex71, Jul 20, 2008.

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    Majd B.
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    The challenge between horses & bulls is not limited to Ferraris and Lambos.
    See this amazing video showing the agility and quick response of the horse against the rage of the bull.
    I believe it is worth watching although I don’t agree with torturing animals.

    click here
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  2. mattymouse33

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    The movement of the horses is pretty incredible to be honest, I didnt know they could move like that. As for the sport, all i can say is that these people are animals and deserve being shot with a barbed metal spike through their groin and left to die.
  3. mseals

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    Mike Seals
    Oh, come on...! Don't hold back...!

    Tell us how you REALLY feel!


    Mike in Kuwait
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    Andy Rasool
    LOL Mike. Majd great video. Amazing to see a horse move like that. I guess it proves though that a prancing horse is better than a raging bull!
  5. BlahBlah221

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    I have to agree haha
  6. Pav

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    Amazing. All i can say amazing. Christian ( is a big fan of this stuff.
  7. rifter

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    Dec 14, 2003
    great photography. amazing horse.

    i think it's hilarious that if the bull makes contact with the matador or knocks him over -- IMMEDIATELY -- his cohorts rush to his aid whereas the bull never gets any backup no matter how many times it's stabbed in the back. what a joke.

    the world needs more dead matadors.
  8. ejc0930

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    Ethan Clark
    My family has owned horses for my entire life and I have never sen them move anything like that. Simply amazing. Cant say I am a huge fan of the sport though. Not really a huge fan of my family's horses either though :p

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