The Middle East spec is back ("T" in the VIN)!

Discussion in 'Middle East' started by Lars Theunissen, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. Lars Theunissen

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    Lars Theunissen
    Hi Middle East spotters,

    In the beginning of this month I visited Dubai and also several car dealers there. Since I'm into collecting Ferrari VINs, I checked these where possible. And here I noticed that the very latest cars, (like 159XXX-160XXX) all had the "T" in the VIN, instead of the "B" for Euro specs or "A" for USA specs.
    These "T"-cars all had the US-typical sidemarkers btw.

    Very interesting, Ferraris spotted there in the 150XXX-158XXX region very often had an "L" in the VIN, which I had never seen before! But I have seen so many of these that I must assume that these are also some kind of Middle East spec, later replaced by the "T" cars? Any opinions on this?


    Lars T.
  2. Pav

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    Hmm from what i have seen Barhaini, Qatari and Emirati cars delivered new have either L or T and have the sidemarkers. So it seems there are middle east specs indeed. I saw tarek's new Scud also has these markers (Egypt), wondering what letter he has.

  3. mseals

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    Mike Seals
    Now my car won't feel so lonely...

    I have a "T"....

    Mike in Kuwait
  4. Tarek K.

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    Tarek K.
    I have a "T" in the VIN of my Scuderia which is now again the code letter for the Middle East starting 2008. I inquired about this and was told that this is a new code for all 2008 Middle East Ferraris and that now side markers on the bumpers are part of the new ME specs.

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