The Marconi Collection (old and new images).

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    Great Pics Las! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Supercar Ace

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    The pics look great buddy! Def a great trip (minus the traffic)
  3. B R

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    B R
    Cool, I have never been there. I like that FX, pretty wild, but I think it should have some custom wheels on it, just to make it a full custom car.
  4. alan

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    When did Mr Marconi get an M12? Id like to go back just to see that.
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    Great place. I always enjoyed being there. What ever happened to Jeff S? I took him for a 165 mph ride on Edinger and damaged his psyche! :):)
  6. ferrari sulla pellicola

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    the only thing nicer than all these cars is the man behind them!!unlike most men with a fortune his size Dick has always been a very approachable type guy ready to talk racing or cars!!.and the fact that this whole museum was built so the proceeds from it will help less fortunate kids proves it!! i still have my "Happy Birthday Uncle Dick" button given to guests at the bday party he had in the paddock during the old Palm Springs Vintage Races proudly displayed among my racing momentos!
  7. P1-EH

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    I had the pleasure of sitting next to Dick for a flight from LAX to Toronto. Very down to earth guy, and a genuine pleasure to spend a few hours chatting about cars, racing, marriage and life in general. I haven't yet been to his museum, but I've promised myself I'll get their the next time I have some free time in LA.
  8. S Brake

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    I was thinking about stopping by there in a few weeks when I'm in town. Is there a charge to get into the museum and does he still have the 456 Wagon on display?
  9. Supercar Ace

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    Technically it's a "mandatory Donation," but it only costs $5, well worth the cost and it goes to a great cause. And yes the 456 Wagon is still there.
  10. FastLankan

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    Frank F.
    It was a pretty fun day. Duane and I did a few interviews for Speed and Motion and it made me realize I need to rehearse a bit. :D Great seeing some of the old gang there too. Although there weren't a lot of cars, the ones that were there were spectacular. Small space too so it was easy to get to everything. It was really cool listening to Maurizio and watching him sketch. I was pretty impressed with Dick Marconi's artwork too.
  13. Jet-X

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    Unless the 456 Venice wagon is a new addition, he's never had a wagon (only the green spyder which is neither the wagon nor the sedan).
  14. S Brake

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    I found this out when I went there last week. The front desk lady looked at me weird when I asked about the wagon. I remember reading that they did have one but they never have. It was still an excellent collection and well worth it. I think the highlights were looking at the CF weave in the 2 F50's and seeing Schumacher's '96 F1 car.
  15. Jackmb1

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    Beautiful cars. I need to visit this place.
  16. BMW.SauberF1Team

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    Sorry to bump an old thread, but this seems to be the most recent one in this section about the Marconi museum. Does anyone know anything more about that McLaren MP4/4 F1 car? The photos in the OP show it on the ground back then, but today it's hanging on the wall (as seen in this more recent photo in the lambo section It's definitely an Mp4/4 body, but it incorrectly wears the #1 (it should be the #12). Does anyone have a chassis plaque photo inside the cockpit? I'm thinking it's a showcar and not an actual one as I think I know where all original 6 are, but I just wanted to double check. Thanks.
  17. Newport

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    Nov 4, 2006
  18. BMW.SauberF1Team

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    I emailed them and haven't heard back yet. I bet it's a show car they have considering Honda has a real one (chassis MP4/4/5) and a show car (chassis MP4/4/SSC/10). SSC = static show car.

    That one in your photo is Coulthard's MP4-12 from 1997. Probably a show car as well. Very very few actual McLaren F1 race cars get out of the factory's hands and if it was on loan from McLaren they would've removed tobacco ads.
  19. jlonmark

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    I remember going to the fights at the museum and they had a lot of the cars parked outside! I was so busy with the cars, I missed a few bouts in the ring
  20. kevin956

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    I have photos of it on the wall but none inside the cockpit. Regardless, I would go with your conclusion that it is a show car.

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