The Finest auction house -- finished?

Discussion in 'Vintage Ferrari Market' started by Rory J, Jun 6, 2017.

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    Just realized there hasn't been much news from The Finest auction house in a while. Then I found this report which claims the company owes half a million dollars to a handful of vendors that supported its auctions: More firms going after Finest Automobile Auctions company | Aspen Daily News Online

    Has anyone heard anything further? Bradley Farrell was The Finest's founder -- he formed the company after ditching the Keno Brother's operation following its first sale. Wouldn't surprise me if The Finest is next to go down the tubes.
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    Timothy Russell
    Don't forget Rob Kauffmanns RK Auctions only ever held one appalling sale. I read this "finest" literally and thought which company is Rory talking about, Christies, Gooding, RM? and though jeesh. Seriously though it is very hard to get both sides of the company together, the seller team that have the access to and the trust of major collectors who own and want to offer cars that are fresh to market. The other side requires the ability to find an event that has the right panache and place in the market, most senior level concours and events are already tied to RM or Bonhams, thus providing a captive audience. It is incredibly difficult to get both of those functions right and unless your backers have very deep pockets to wait it out while your crew get it right, it is better to let the company crash and burn.

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