The Bugatti 66 foot motor yacht

Discussion in 'Bugatti' started by bitzman, Jul 7, 2017.

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    Less than 100 are being made. I gather there is one now, co-built with Palmer Johnson.
    I was wondering if the price has been posted, and if they are now deployed at dealers and what dealers would those be, car dealers or boat dealers?

    Seems a great way to arrive at Pebble Beach without hassling with car traffic...

    (and why didn't they use a modern Bugatti engine?)
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  2. Andrew D.

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    Andrew D.
    almost all yachts that size are diesel
  3. 95spiderman

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    Very stylish tie in for chiron. I like it
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    Yes but is it a manual? :)
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    So confusing - It's manual, but only with paddles. Will Bugatti innovation ever cease to amaze?.

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