TEXAS F-Chat: I remember when.....

Discussion in 'Texas' started by jimpo1, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. jimpo1

    jimpo1 Two Time F1 World Champ
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    Jul 30, 2001
    Dallas, TX
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    Jim E
    I remember when the Texas section and the California section were the 2 busiest areas on the board.

    I remember when Dr. Who actually OWNED a Ferrari. And he drove the crap out of it. I remember his old screen name also. I remember having drinks with him in San Antonio at the FCA meet.

    I remember the lady at the FCA meet that owned a pristine red 512 Boxer. I watched her drive it through a stream, and remember her saying that it had never been wet.

    I remember when BigTex had a different screen name. And when he bought #3.

    I remember when the DFW gang got together once a month to race something and drink beer.

    I remember when Rob had no offspring and lived in little more than a shed.

    I remember the day Tillman bought his first Ferrari. The same day Jonathan sold his first Ferrari.

    I remember Dr. John Gobers black 360. It had a great exhaust, I think it was a Fuchs.

    I remember the night that John Carmacks old twin turbo TR showed up at an event. Speaking of cars with great exhaust.

    I remember when Dan had a 348. After he finished working over Tillmans 328.

    I remember my first "Ferrari" meet. Rob and BobD met me for lunch at Cool River, we had 3 328's lined up out front. I thought that was so cool.

    I remember when Ferrari-Talk was pirated from this place.

    I remember Brian Stradale, and him Using It.

    I remember the day Frances came to look at Brians old 360. Jimmy was with her.

    I remember when Greg only had a 512TR. And the day he got the 330, along with a few other goodies.

    I remember Don's first car, a yellow 328, before he tried to corner the 512M market.

    I remember Dave in Austin.

    I remember Jerry's 308. Before it made pasta. :( I remember Georges 308 too. Boy was it loud.

    I remember when Rob got the 355C. A race car? Really?

    Anybody else remember anything?
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  3. speedy

    speedy Formula Junior

    Oct 18, 2005
    Plano, TX
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    James Gardner
    I remember the time before you, Rob and Tillman owned a Ferrari....A time before time if you will.

    Was that prehistoric F-Chat?
  4. 348 spy

    348 spy Formula Junior

    Nov 17, 2002
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  5. FarmerDave

    FarmerDave F1 World Champ

    Jul 26, 2004
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    I remember Speedzone on weeknights, meeting Tillman and Frances and Yuji and Rob and Manny for the first time there.

    I remember happy hour at Via Real... the night WriterGuy had an epic yarn to spin...

    I remember when Tillman told me to "wear narrow shoes" at the upcoming Dave and Busters event...

    I remember breakfast with Don & Carolyn and John & Carol and Will, planning "my" first FCA rally...

    I remember answering Scott A's questions about his Hagerty policy, when I was his agent of record, being dutifully grilled about scenarios like what happens when I drive my 330 to the grocery store and some idiot in a parking lot... I also remember him generously offering me the keys for a leg of our trip to the FCA boardwalk car show...

    How could I forget uncle greggy and his key toss... and Phil helping me get over my turning 30 crisis with some addison tunnel auditory therapy...

    Helping James Woods launch silent protest at "the man"

    More later :)
  6. -FROG-

    -FROG- Formula Junior

    Nov 3, 2003
    Full Name:
    Paul Daniels
    This was Dana right? She also had/has a 355 Challenge if I recall. Such a nice woman! I remember she was flagged down in her Boxer by some dudes on Mopac that were oogling her car, so she actually pulled over to let them check it out. I saw her pulled over , so I pulled over because I thought she had car problems, but she was like... "no, they just wanted to look at the car." Now that's a prime example of someone who really enjoys thier cars!
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  8. slapshot36227

    slapshot36227 Formula Junior

    Dec 8, 2006
    Full Name:
    Zach K
    I remember when I saw my first Ferrari, thus bringing me to this website.

    That would be a local F-chatter's white 328 ;)
  9. TexasF355F1

    TexasF355F1 Four Time F1 World Champ
    Silver Subscribed

    Feb 2, 2004
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    I remember when I use to get on FChat everyday and actually post. Now hardly at all. :(
  10. BlackBird007

    BlackBird007 F1 Rookie

    Feb 22, 2010
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    I remember looking up Ferrari forums on Google and stumbling upon FC and signing up.

    I remember when Rob got street cred. :D
  11. future328driver

    future328driver Formula 3

    Dec 10, 2001
    Dallas, Texas
    Full Name:
    Ken Thomas
    Great post!

    I remember actually being at a lot of the events mentioned by Jim and Dave.

    I remember the first 2 FChatters I met - Jerry and Sue and their 308 - outside an event at the Blue Goose on Lower Greenville. Rob was the 3rd FChatter I met. I think Jim was #4 - his was the first white Ferrari I had seen.

    I remember when FChat had about 2000 users and we made a Forza tribute to Jens and Amar that included every FChat user name.

    I remember a certain Poker Run riding shotgun with NickR at a "brisk" pace and some idiot in a Corvette trying to show us up.

    I remember Saturday nights at Carsons.

    I remember the Starsky & Hutch Torino and several of Greg's other muscle cars.

    I remember a certain ex-John Carmack twin-turbo TR doing a big burn-out inside a warehouse on Stemmons that no longer exists where we once used to race something and drink beer. I was pretty sure that there was no way that motor was not going to self-destruct.

    I remember back in the day having a 2 year timeline to buy a 328 - thus my username. 11 years later, no FCar - but a wife, house, 2 kids, a minivan and an SUV. I have been liberally extending my timeline ever since :)

    Brian Stradale is still USEs IT. Saw him on the streets of Coppell a couple of months back.
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  13. drjohngober

    drjohngober Formula 3
    Rossa Subscribed

    Jul 23, 2006
    Cville and Gbury Tex
    Full Name:
    Dr.John Gober
    Wow Jim,
    You are amazing!!! Great times indeed.

    I remember going to race karts indoors and have a few beers ... afterwards.

    I also remember Rob going earlier in the day to the above said racing facility and drive every kart, scoping out which one was the fastest so as not to loose later in the evening.

    Isn't there a new kart racing place in Dallas? Now that my son is driving, I would love to do this again.
  14. BlackBird007

    BlackBird007 F1 Rookie

    Feb 22, 2010
    Full Name:
    If I'm not mistaken, he showed up at Boardwalk last month for their spring show. But it was after I left, and he didn't actually enter the show.

  15. WJHMH

    WJHMH Two Time F1 World Champ
    Silver Subscribed

    Sep 5, 2001
    Panther City, Texas
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    Preferred Pronouns: Lord/Master
    Thanks for the link but it's in way out in Caddo Mills, Maybe Rob can fly some of us out there!

    (It's near the airport)
  16. drjohngober

    drjohngober Formula 3
    Rossa Subscribed

    Jul 23, 2006
    Cville and Gbury Tex
    Full Name:
    Dr.John Gober

    Ahh another one.

    I remember sitting at the bar at Bone Daddies Grapevine, and William was unknowingly sitting next to me. One of my patients is a bar tender there... I will let him fill in the rest.
  17. jimpo1

    jimpo1 Two Time F1 World Champ
    Silver Subscribed Owner

    Jul 30, 2001
    Dallas, TX
    Full Name:
    Jim E
    #14 jimpo1, Jun 23, 2011
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    HA! You spent more than your share of time with me on the phone about the car!

    Yeah, when we met you, you told us you used to manage that Speedzone! Where were you when we needed you? :p

    I have a pic of that Uncle Greggy event somewhere. The two of you were behind me, "communicating". And Phil is ALWAYS good for auditory therapy. Frequently visual therapy too.

    It WAS Dana, couldn't remember her name. One of the coolest ladies I've ever met. I seem to recall she sold the Boxer a few years back.

    I believe that local F-chatter still owes you a ride? Maybe a first ride in a Ferrari? If not, first ride in a white one! :)

    I think this picture may be yours from that first sighting. ;)

    The tribute was likely the saddest of times on F-Chat. I remember YOU organized it.

    That was going North on 35E! HA! I remember that Vette and the brisk pace Nick assumed to show it a thing or two! I bailed out early on that little sprint.

    Aw geez. Don't even know where to start with that one! :) One in particular comes to mind. I remember Tillman told me I couldn't get him drunk.

    Yup, same night! I remember it was back a Norwoods a few months later with a shattered piston as I recall.

    Hey Dr. John, was it a Fuchs exhaust? I remember because it sounded SO good! And I never knew Rob was such a weasel that he'd scoped out the fast cars early. It doesn't surprise me of course, as our F-Chat host has a well known competitive streak, but I didn't know he'd gone to those extremes!
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  18. Fastviper

    Fastviper F1 Rookie

    Nov 20, 2003
    Full Name:
    I remember.... The Alamo..
  19. Schatten

    Schatten F1 World Champ
    Rossa Subscribed Owner

    Apr 3, 2001
    Austin, TX
    Full Name:
    The party at Rob's house. I brought my brother. It might have been his first one at the current pad, and I haven't been back because they are usually scheduled around Halloween.

    One Saturday afternoon when FarmerDave paid up the cash to get me into some afternoon car show at a strip club.

    The weekend when Wolfgang came to town. What a weekend!

    Rob C's hospitality at MSR when he just had a lot out there.

    Also, glad to hear Brian is driving his Stradale. I remember the issues about his order. Only met him once briefly at redcar1's place during a garage tour some years ago.
  20. jimpo1

    jimpo1 Two Time F1 World Champ
    Silver Subscribed Owner

    Jul 30, 2001
    Dallas, TX
    Full Name:
    Jim E
    #17 jimpo1, Jun 23, 2011
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2011
    I remember a business trip to San Antonio and Russ, John, and Sfumato met me for a BBQ dinner. Well, Lee did more of a fly by: "Hi how are ya, gotta go". I did see his Superamerica, and he made the top do it's little dance for me. It was damn cool. Then he mounted his horse and departed at a 'brisk pace'.

    I remember driving back to hotel in my rental wheezer, and Russ passed me on the highway in Mongo. I rolled down the window to listen, it sure sounded good. Strange car, that Mongo.

    I remember Russ picking up Mongo from it's visit to the Norwood Spa and Grill. We had burgers before he left. Funny, Mongo sounded even better after it's spa stay. Too bad Russ isn't a car guy any more.

    I remember when James Patterson actually OWNED a Ferrari.

    I remember why Gregs 512TR was at Janos! :D

    I remember being offered a ride home from an event some of you may know as HoLay. It was a cold and rainy HoLay. My ride was with a crazy Armenian in a convertible 348. With the top down. At 1:00am. Did I mention it was cold and rainy? Crazy Armenian....

    I remember Tillman using his car as a petri dish for a science experiment. It either failed, or was wildly successful.

    (What follows is long, but is quite possibly my favorite Ferrari story. Read if you care to)
    I remember a Poker Run that Tillman organized. I was leading the pack of about 20 cars across a very wide, long, straight 2 lane road. We were cruising along with the top off, and I caught a flash of red in my rear view mirror. I looked left just as Rick passed me in the Countach, shifting from 3rd to 4th in my ear. He was moving at a 'brisk pace'. Immediately behind Rick were a bunch of other yahoos, also moving at a brisk pace. I remember a 355, Jimmys Viper, a few others. BRISKLY they were moving, and they were passing me like I was parked. I looked down at my brisk meter, and it said 100. Of course, it had to be wrong, Italian electronics are notoriously unreliable. As the road started to rise out of the lowlands we were in, I noticed a County Sherriff coming in from the right on a side road. I double checked my brisk meter and brought it down to an indicated 55. Those still unfortunate enough to be behind me did likewise. Frances was on my bumper. The yahoos that had passed me so briskly were now little more than specks on the horizon, but they were still specks. No way that Sherriff didn't see something. 15 minutes later we arrived at our assigned stop at a park in Ennis. The brisk drivers were already there, out of their cars and chatting. As we parked and exited our cars, eager to discuss recent events, an Ennis cop pulled up. I'll never forget, he said: "Who has license plate 185MPH?". Rick raised his hand. The cop said "We need to talk". Cop got out, Rick walked over, and we watched. From behind we watched Rick as the cop was speaking to him earnestly. We saw Rick shake his head "no" once, twice, three times. Then he nodded. Yes. A few more words, the cop shook his hand, and Rick walked back to us. As the cop pulled away, Rick looked more than a little relieved. We of course asked what had happened. The convesation with the man went something like this: "We've been getting phone calls that your little group has been passing cars on the right". "No, we haven't done that". "We've also heard that you've been running people off the road". "No, we haven't done that either". "We've also been told that you're ignoring stop signs and other road directions". "No sir, we've been very careful." "We also have you clocked going 157 mph". "Yes sir, I did that". Rick was instructed that every law enforcement officer in 3 counties knew we were out, and we needed to reign it in a little. We did. A little. I have a picture somewhere of Rick and his son, holding up with their fingers the numbers 1, 5, and 7. It's a true story, and there are witnesses! Tillman was there.
  21. Jagbuff

    Jagbuff Formula 3

    Jan 13, 2004
    Site of US F1 Race!
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    ...what about the things that you have forgotten?
  22. rob lay

    rob lay Administrator
    Staff Member Admin Social Subscribed Miami 2018 Owner

    Dec 1, 2000
    Southlake, TX
    Full Name:
    Rob Lay
    Y’all just have to hate on the go-cart champion! There was maybe one time out of dozens I actually drove ahead of time, almost every time I would get there early and observe which carts were fastest. Their carts were so poorly maintained there was a huge variance in carts. For every advantage I had with my observations I lost at the bar waiting for everyone. :D

    who still has back problems from Jim ramming them? ;)
  23. jimpo1

    jimpo1 Two Time F1 World Champ
    Silver Subscribed Owner

    Jul 30, 2001
    Dallas, TX
    Full Name:
    Jim E
    #20 jimpo1, Jun 23, 2011
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  24. Schatten

    Schatten F1 World Champ
    Rossa Subscribed Owner

    Apr 3, 2001
    Austin, TX
    Full Name:
    I haven't forgotten Ferrari/PCA Karting League nights at RPMIR! I'm quite sure you remember those nights too. As a lightweight, I had to carry around those ballasts between races. Ended up buying leg weights to keep honest ballasts and better placement.

    And more karting with G.O. and the Houston FCA group at Track 21 weeks prior to opening. Fun place, sadly the only time I've been there.
  25. GrigioGuy

    GrigioGuy Splenda Daddy
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    Nov 26, 2001
    E ' ' '/ F
    Full Name:
    Chris P. Bakon
    #22 GrigioGuy, Jun 23, 2011
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    I remember the first time I met Rob and Jim and Jerry, along with the now-missing Eggman, at a dyno day


    That's the day I first rode in a Ferrari. Jerry offered me first a ride, and then a drive in the future Pasta Machine. Sadly, I wore Doc Martins that day and driving wasn't an option.

    I somewhat remember the birthday Jim handed me two shotglasses and said "drink these". It was only afterwards he told me they were 151. I don't remember much else, except that I probably wasn't good company.

    I remember showing up to the first ever Exotic Car Night at Carson's with the 328. October 26, 2002.

    I remember Canton, and Muenster, and Sherman, and Granbury. I remember country roads that always seemed to have bicycle rallies on them. I remember being an attraction at the St. Jo festival.

    Good times then, good times now: C&C, RAC shows, Boardwalk rallies, Saturday Starbucks.
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  26. DIGMAN52

    DIGMAN52 F1 Rookie
    Rossa Subscribed Owner

    Jan 30, 2004
    Dallas Texas
    Full Name:
    Philip C
    Jim, thanks for bringing back some great memories !

    My first f/chat event was the indoor karting, and Rob giving me kudos on my racing line.



    Frances' fine dining at Javier's.

    Tillman's Fall fun runs.

    Drinks at the Samba room with Nick, Yoshi and the usual crew.

    Rod run to Ponder's collection.

    F1 watching parties, and giving Jonas a ride in the TT Turbo after scraping the hell out
    of the front end.

    F/chatters stuffing the ballot box at a Lambo Dallas and Boarkwalk events so a lowly Ford could win it's class.

    Lunch at Magic Time Machine, and someone telling David the sprinklers were hitting his yellow 360 spider. Never seen a guy run so fast !

    Great memories Dallas crew !
  27. B.Ratcliff

    B.Ratcliff Formula 3
    Silver Subscribed Owner

    Sep 23, 2004
    Dallas, TX
    Full Name:
    B. Ratcliff
    Great thread!

    I remember meeting Jano at the 1st italian car fest and him telling me about this thing called F-Chat.

    I remember Carson's and how crazy it got after about 9 o'clock

    I remember Shuck and Jive - RIP

    I remember having garage parties at my house when I used to have free time

    I remember Barrett Jackson and Tilted Kilt with the F-Chat crew

    I remember Sherlocks, Ozonas, red hot and blue, flying saucer, magianos, D&B, Speedzone

    I remember when we used to get invited to unveilings at Boardwalk

    I remember a yellow Corvette winning the restaurant manger pic award at the Muenster road rally (sorry guys)

    I remember the glass skull...Jerry

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