Testarossa History

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    Wait, whaaaat? #2:

    'However, the Testarossa has recently become a favorite of car collectors resulting in a substantial increase in sales price. In 2015, as an example, a 1990 model with low mileage sold for $250,800."

    Which car was 250k?
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    romano schwabel
    don´t believe all what is published
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    Ryan Alexander
    There was a near delivery miles one I saw in the past few years.
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    It might be this one (read to the end):

    "a 171-mile example from 1990 brought $250,000 at Bonhams' Scottsdale sale almost a year ago"
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    Bonham's, Scottsdale 2015. Anyone here buy it?,8223/1990-ferrari-testarossa.aspx
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    I can, were you around for the 80's bubble? I remember seeing a few Testarossas advertised in the DuPont Registry for $350k and I think one sold for $330k ish...

    Does anyone know the all-time high for a Testarossa sale?
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