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Discussion in 'Ferrari Discussion (not model specific)' started by BillOwens, Jul 17, 2018.

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    Bill Owens
    I am planning a trip to Maranello and have read about doing "test drives". There are several companies I have found so far: Motorsport Maranello, PittLaneRedPassion, PushStart. Looking for advice on specific companies to use or stay away from. Experience doing this on both road and track. Will likely choose a California T or a Lusso since I will have my son with me (plus a guide). I am going in December and weather is also a consideration.

    Any advice appreciated
  2. killer58

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    Jun 30, 2010
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    I used Push Start on three occasions (twice as gifts)
    I was happy with each experience.
    It is a bit expensive, but a bucket list item is a bucket list item....
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    When I visited the factory last year, I saw a few companies nearby (one even across the museum entrance) peddling drives of Ferrari's, Lamborghini's, etc. They indeed were a bit on the expensive side as far as driving them goes, and whilst it would have been nice to try a model I have not yet had a chance to experience, I figure it'll happen for free sooner or later (either a dealer concedes and lets me try a model I'm interested in, or a friend from a Cars & Coffee gives me a chance to try out theirs). Now being able to do it on track is of course another thing, as I think the cars at Modena were to be just driven on the city streets rather than track (but I'm not entirely sure of this, maybe they have track options too?)
  4. A348W

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    If you want track, then contact your local F dealer. Ferrari run their own track courses. Not cheap by any means...but!!!
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    Push start do a track tour as well if you contact them using the track at nearby modena. Have a look at their website it is all on there.

    There was also a great video on here somewhere about the guy that runs it and how he got started I will try and locate it.

    The PILOTA courses are super expensive.....I've not been on one but many on here have and will be able to give you more info or search PILOTA courses



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    David A.
    Push Start is around 100 euros.
  7. Challenge

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    I used Push Start in 2014. A half hour on backroads in a 458 Spider was 600€. Great scenery but too much traffic to let it breathe that day.

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