STEK Paint Protection Film?

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    I am considering STEK DYNOshield paint protection film (PPF) on my 2003 Ferrari 360 Spider which will only be used on the occasional fair weather days. On previous cars, I had used SunTek Ultra PPF before with Modesta BC-04 ceramic coating on top on the PPF. I will have paint color correction done prior to the PPF application. My questions:

    1. Does STEK DYNO shield PPF with no ceramic coating on top have the same, if not better, amount of gloss, depth of shine, hydrophobic properties, stain resistance, and longevity as SunTek Ultra PPF with Modesta BC-04 ceramic coating on top?

    2. What would you recommend?
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    Jason Cavallo
    Hard to say. With the car only being driven here and there, the top coat on the ppf itself may last a long time. I can’t talk about that ceramic since I haven’t used it but I’ve seen the Cquartz line last many years on top of ppf with cars that aren’t daily drivers. As far as gloss it’s nearly impossible to see a difference no matter what product you are putting on ppf. The film is very glossy.

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