Star Wars Squadrons

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by WJHMH, Oct 20, 2020.

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    I've impressed with this game so far, $40 EA title they might have finally got it right. very enjoyable with PSVR, only problem I've been having are the online dogfight battles are mismatched. You have level 30 players against level 8, basically lambs getting slaughtered by campers. I haven't gotten into any fleet battles yet, but if you like flight games with VR I recommend it.

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    I invented the very first POV space battle video game in 1979. And we called it "Space Battle".

    See what was super cool way back when compared to today. Today's technology is pretty amazing but this was state of the art when ABBA and Blonde were hot.

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    Someone gifted me this game so this is coming from a NON-VR, NON-HOTAS player and I can tell you it's a very mediocre SW game.

    The graphics are nice on a flat screen and the dogfights are fun.

    I gave the Campaign a go (which is basically a long tutorial) and in typical Disney Era story telling fashion it's a massive cringefest.

    Multiplayer only has 2 modes and only 5v5 a side... this game would have been perfect for 50 v 50 battles. The developer mentioned they have no plans to release any more content, the playerbase is already down to 3k/day on steam and no matchmaking means this game will be dead in another month.

    I'd wait for a 50% off sale.

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