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Discussion in 'Crescent Classic Ferrari Tour' started by Teachdocs, Sep 11, 2013.

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    The Crescent Classic Rally was spectacular. Somehow, Chris and his team make this event better each year. The new Paddock Tent added a new dimension of social gathering than we have ever had before. Amazing roads, wonderful friends, delicious food, and relaxed atmosphere.

    Surprised Chris one evening with some "Barber" driving school video of our own in his dually SuperDuty. I got to meet and talk at length with Brian Redman. What an honor and privilege!

    The group raised $65,000.00 for the Morgan Adams Foundation to help children with brain tumors. Roger and I were the winning bids for a weekend of personalized DE with Mr. Redman in Palm Beach. Really looking forward to that experience. He had so many amazing stories about the Road America track.

    There were several of us that even saw Brian Redman's Cat!
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  3. johnes71

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    Oct 3, 2006
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    john savickas
    Hey Chris,

    I wish to convey my sincere thank you to yourself and your volunteers who helped make this years Crescent the best of the last 4 years I have attended. It is truly amazing that you and your group of volunteers could put together a complex event like this and make it totally seamless and stressfree event for the participants. I am sure behind the scenes there was plenty of drama but unseen by the participants. I was proud to be able to contribuite at the Morgan Adams foundation banquet auction, as a small thanks to the events' title sponsor Ferrari of Denver. Special thanks also to all the other sponsors of this fantastic event. Look forward to seeing you and everyone else at the 2014 Crescent Classic.

    John E. Savickas
    2006 430 Spider, 2011 R8 V10 Spyder, 2013 458 Spider

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