For Sale Sold! 1999 Ferrari 550 Maranello, TdF Blue/Beige, 5100 miles

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    1999 Ferrari 550 Maranello

    More photos and information on my website:

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    • Tour de France Blue exterior / Beige interior
    • Only 5100 miles
    • Two California owners since new
    • $15,000 major service just completed
    • 6-speed gated manual transmission
    • Drives like a brand new 550
    • An investment-grade modern manual transmission V12 Ferrari in the most desirable color combination

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    The 550 Maranello was Ferrari's return to the classic front-engine V12 layout, not seen since the 365 GTB/4 Daytona in the early Seventies. The V12 engine is an absolute masterpiece, producing 485 hp and 419 lb-ft of torque, with an almost completely flat torque band and that inimitable Ferrari V12 sound. A perfect 50/50 weight distribution creates a wonderful handling balance, which only gets better at speed. Finally, the 550 was the last Ferrari to have a 6-speed gated manual gearbox as the only transmission choice, before Ferrari started the inexorable transition to automated manuals.

    This particular 550 Maranello is an amazing example of this iconic car, with only two California owners since new, having only covered 5100 miles since new. But, even better, it is resplendent in the most desirable color combination for a 550, Tour de France Blue over Beige interior. A $15,000 major service was just performed in 2019, addressing every area of the mechanicals including the timing belts, and all “sticky” parts in the interior were addressed as well. The paint shines beautifully and the interior is in amazingly original condition, even down to that special smell of the leather.

    I have personally driven this car, and it feels like I would imagine a brand new 550 would have felt in 1999. The engine is incredibly strong and keeps pulling like a freight train to redline. Steering is sharp and true, the handling is perfect, and the powerful brakes stop the car on a dime. There are no rattles or other untoward noises.

    Ferrari 550 Maranello prices have leveled off from their high from a few years ago, and this is the time to buy one of these incredible cars. While you can find many cheaper 550s out there, they will not have the extremely low mileage of this car, the ownership history, this color combination, and will most likely have many expensive mechanical or cosmetic needs. This is an investment grade 550 in all aspects that will be a perfect addition to a modern Ferrari collection, and can be enjoyed as a true grand tourer in the classic Ferrari tradition. For more information, please contact Michael Foertsch at or 832-617-0494.
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    wow...uber 550. So much want. GLWS...someone will be proud to put this in their garage/collection.
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