Shipping a Ferrari to use in the EU for an extented periord and returning to USA

Discussion in 'Ferrari Discussion (not model specific)' started by Choptop400, Aug 24, 2018.

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    Frank L Caponi
    I have an opportunity to be in the southern part of the EU for 2 months this time next year. I was thinking about bring over a 308GTS for use to tour several countries. Mostly Italy, France, Germany & Switzerland. I can not think about how exciting driving a 308 thru the mountain passes would be. Now that I have woken up from my dream, realty hits, is this even possible?

    I am hoping someone has some insight into the possible challenges that I would face (legally, logistically???). I understand shipping cost and issues that arise whenever you entrust your F car to others. I also understand that you are dealing with a 40 year old F-car and asking a lot unless it is meticulously prepared and even then issues can arise.

    Has anyone done anything remotely like this? Is there anyone or company that can help with this type of planning? Does F-Chat have any friends that can be recommended to assist? The floor is open to everyone.

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    Frank, how much actual driving will you be doing? Having imported a 412 from France, I have an idea of the costs. It may be better, though maybe not actually less expensive, to rent a Ferrari there. I believe that would mean that any maintenance costs would belong to the renter. And you wouldn't be limited to a 40 year old 308.
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    The Diffuser
    I've shipped cars globally and driven all through USA and EU. If I was going for 6 months or more I'd look at taking my own car.
    For an 8 week trip I'd hire a car in EU. Can you imagine getting your car stuck at border customs for some reason? Language and local laws aside I feel 8 weeks is too short a time.
    If you do go for it I wish you a great trip in your car. Btw I've had my car break down and needing repair in Italy - nightmare!

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  4. A348W

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    There are some previous threads on this, not too long ago, but probably longer than I think.

    A fair few people do it. And London seems to still be the place for rich kids to come from the Middle East with their toys!!!

    There ar also some threads on hiring and companies to avoid!

    Whatever you do enjoy!
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    That is true - but you have Etihad and the likes with special programmes to bring your ferrari with pretty much all taken care of. It’s quite compelling

    Unsure if the Americans or even BA for they matter offer the same kind of service

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  6. ottocars

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    Jan 1, 2010
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    Jurgen Otto
    Hagerty offers European coverage with an expert collector car policy
  7. ottocars

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    Jan 1, 2010
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    Jurgen Otto
    The Ferrari Drivers Group Sarasota will ship about 10 Ferraris next year to Europe for a driving trip.
    Germany, Austria, Italy

    All cars have a Hagerty policy.

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    Paul XXXcX
    First, unless you are becoming a resident, your car needs insurance coverage extended to countries you are going to drive in/to, inquire with your current insurer. Your registration can only be tied to your residency, so likely won't change.

    Second, apart from the obvious, transport, you will want to not pay taxes, so find out what options you have for bringing it temporarily to the country of your choice. Usually there is a provision but you need to find out what it's name is and make sure it gets handled like that (or pay import taxes).
    That's it...enjoy!
  9. NoSpeedLimit

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    Sep 6, 2013
    You can drive your car for 1 year without having to it register in Germany or pay tax:

    Ordinance on the admission of vehicles to road traffic (Fahrzeug-Zulassungsverordnung - FZV)
    20 Temporary participation in national road transport
    1. vehicle from the EU -omitted

    2. Vehicles registered in a third country may temporarily participate in national traffic if they are issued with a valid registration certificate or international registration certificate by a competent foreign body in accordance with Article 4 and Annex B of the International Convention on Motor Vehicle Traffic of 24 April 1926 and no regular domestic location is established. The certificate of registration must contain at least the information required by Article 35 of the Convention of 8 November 1968 on Road Traffic. Sentence 1 does not apply to a vehicle which was in the country at the time of registration by the third country.
    (3) Foreign vehicles may only temporarily participate in domestic traffic if they are safe for operation and traffic.
    (4) If the registration certificate is not in German and does not comply with Directive 1999/37/EC or Article 35 of the Convention of 8 November 1968 on Road Traffic, it must be accompanied by a translation certified by a professional consular officer or honorary consul of the Federal Republic of Germany in the issuing State or by a translation by an internationally recognised automobile club of the issuing State or by a body designated by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure.
    5. The driver of the motor vehicle shall carry with him the foreign registration certificate referred to in paragraphs 1 or 2 and the translation required under paragraph 4 or the international registration certificate referred to in paragraph 2 and hand them over to the competent persons for examination on request.
    6. For the purposes of paragraphs 1 and 2, a period of up to one year shall be deemed to be temporary.
    Translated with

    I think the other EU countries have a similar law.
  10. Choptop400

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    Oct 10, 2014
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    Frank L Caponi
    Wow, Thanks to everyone for all the time effort expended to provide helpful information. Ferrari Chat is the best because of the people. Let me digest all this information and get back to the group with additional questions. Thanks again.

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