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    I am in the process of assembling 25 short stories for a paperbound book about cars, the stories centering on all kinds of cars from Ferraris to Cobras, to rat rods. Some are relationship stories, some more sci-fi (time travel) some about the death of internal combustion engines, one about a dream car still missing, James Dean's Porsche, JFK's Linc. etc,
    Here's what I conjured up so far, with my own comment in parens pro or con

    PEDAL TO THE METAL (used by others already)

    THE COGNOSCENTI READER (I found out it means expert but not necessarily cars)

    THE TIFOSI READER (also means educated fan)

    MALIBU CANYON RUN and 24 other stories
    But what I really want to hear is your opinion? Any comments pro or con? I care because Fchat readers' world view are my intended market. If I can't attract you guys with a good title I might as well give up.

    For a cover illustration I want to use a painting of a Ferrari, maybe even in black and white to be this painterly style

    I can take the hits, any comments on titles or art??
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    Just my opinions
    Pedal to the metal - meh
    Cognoscenti Reader - Not automotive, doesn't really say anything related to the topic. Reader is a strange word for a book title.
    Tifosi Reader - Tifosi is Ferrari, regardless of the actual meaning, so maybe if it is heavily Ferrari based. You know how I feel about "reader" :)
    Malibu Canyon Run and 24 other stories - Malibu Canyon Run sounds pretty good, best choice by far. I would follow it with something a little more emotional and less descriptive. Something like MCR, a collection of automotive writings to get your motor running (not that corny, but you get the idea)

    Cool artwork is good and can grab people's attention. Black and white could suggest a time period, depending on the car in the art.
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    I always loved the movie, Hot Rods to Hell. Maybe you can riff on that.

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