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  1. dweintra

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    Aug 16, 2012
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    I wanted to give a shout out to Ron at Sports Car Service. He did a PPI for me and was fantastic. The communication was excellent and he spent a lot of time talking to me about the model even before I hired him. The day of the PPI and follow of was very informative and I had no reservations about the long distance purchase. When you talk to Ron, you just know you can trust him. He even did the PPI on a Saturday at a different location. I found him because of Fchat bc Ferrari of Atlanta won't do PPI's (and was booked upf or nearly two months), and wanted to share my own feedback for others needing help around Atlanta. Thanks Ron!
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    I have to concur! I spoke to Ron before I bought my car because the seller had used him previously. Ron had no idea who I was and he took about 20-30 minute out of his day to talk to me about the car. I will never forget that because I expected him to either not call me back or talk to me for 5 minutes and then say he was busy.

    He did my engine out service on my car and he did a great job. Very honest person and I would trust him to do anything on my car in the future.
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    He is amazing, stands behind his work and communicates with you thru the process.
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  4. Doctor Mark

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    Mark Gronsbell
    Ron is a very good guy!!
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  5. JCM615

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    J C
    The F355 is on it's way to him at this moment. It's worth the transport to have Ron work on a car no matter where you are.
  6. spirot

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    Tom Spiro
    He's highly recommended!

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