Risk of parking at an indoor garage

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    Was visiting a friend in Tribeca in NYC and saw this.
    Wouldn't be too happy if it were my 488.
    Going to be rough opening the drivers door unless they move that monster next to it.

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  2. Wade

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    Wade O.
    All vehicles have grown in size but the standards for parking spaces have remained the same (90° spaces = 8.5 feet width).

    Late model F-series Ford pickups are 80 inches wide for single rear wheel (i.e. not dualies), excluding side mirrors. So that's 6.66 feet in width.

    Making things worse, the garage in the photo has no standards. :mad:
  3. Viperjoe

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    Shared indoor garage in NYC (or any place else for that matter)? ….. ehh, no thanks!
  4. syata

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    Feb 23, 2017
    I was in Germany a few months ago...even worse there for parking spot width.

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  5. ricmat

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    This is so ridiculous
    I totally agree. Here in Europe parking spots are ridiculously small. Same happens with guides on the floor. They seem to try to nick your wheels all the time. It’s ridiculous

    I many times refrain from going into certain places precisely because of this

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  6. NoSpeedLimit

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    Sep 6, 2013
    This spot shows how Catherine Zeta Jones solved that problem with her Alfa sportswagon:
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  7. Davesvt2000

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    Dave G.
    It’s possible the owner knows the owner of the F150.

    Ive deliberately had my friends park close to me like that if we are going somewhere, and when we get back he simply pulls out first.
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  8. Shark01

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    Jun 25, 2005
    Without line dividers, you really cannot assess blame, just remark it is a sad situation. Another reason I love beaters (under $20k) as daily drivers.
  9. G. Pepper

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    George Pepper
    It's even possible the truck and car are owned by the same person. Considering the vehicle density in that garage, I bet several of them at least know each other.
  10. raines

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    Is there a reason why all car manufacturers haven't gone to Gull-wing or scissor doors?
  11. BMW.SauberF1Team

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    Dec 4, 2004
    I bet all 3 are owned by the same person. S-class, 488, and F-150. Really the only 3 vehicles you'd ever need. Amazing how small the 488 looks...imagine if it was a Dino there.
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  12. AceMaster

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    Good point
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  13. Wade

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    Wade O.
    Certainly solves the entry issue, but does nothing about door bangers. ;)
  14. AlfistaPortoghese

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    I'm very picky as to where I park in an indoor garage. I tend to choose a place near a wall where no one else can park, or to have a friend park close to me. The guy in the Ford pick up simply won't be able to get in and out of his car without bumping into your Ferrari, and then you enter the rhealm of chance: either he's careful, or he's not. I most certainly wouldn't be comfortable with my Ferrari in that situation, I'd probably move it and choose another parking space if I came back to my car and saw that.

    Some times I get from friends that "OMG you're so picky, the doomsday advocate", but fact of the matter is just this week I left my daily driver parked in an indoor garage near the very entrance of it, albeit with lots (I mean, LOTS) of clearance for people entering and leaving the garage. I thought to myself "relax, it's a properly spacious and marked parking space, supervised and all that, a truck could do a U-turn and there would still bee enough room, sometimes you worry too much, people do this all the time and all is well, etc" and.......... sure enough, when I got back to my car, someone clipped it and left. No note, just left and nobody saw something.

    Bottom line: even if accused of paranoia, better be safe than sorry.

    Kind regards,

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