Replacement Air Conditioning for 1981 308 Ferrari

Discussion in 'Technical Q&A' started by thedunk, Jul 31, 2019.

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    Kent Miller
    I have been looking to replace my R12 AC that doesn't work anymore with a new 134 AC system. After looking around the internet I found the Classic Auto Air unit designed for my car as a replacement. Has anyone had any experience with this unit? If you do it right will it do at least as well as the old R12 units? Seems like getting the hoses through the rocker panels along the side would be really difficult. Anyone have any experience with that? The cost of the kit is about $1700 which includes a new fan unit. From what I read I might have to add a relay to get enough power to that fan. The $1700 would be a small price to pay for some cooling in my much beloved car. I have upgraded many things on the car so they works the way they should but the AC is still a NoOP.
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    In case someone doesn't respond right away, there are several threads/posts about Classic Auto Air.
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    FWIW - 1982 GTSi I replaced my compressor with a $150 unit off eBay. Flushed the system, replaced the evap valve for a r134a vacuum down the system, added correct oil and recharged with r134a. Works very well about 3 years now. Outside temp 87 and vent temp 40. I will also add I had my radiator re-cored with 2 less FPI (fin per inch)which allowed more air flow. Rebuilt my stock radiator fans with new brushes. Engine temp rarely goes much above t-stat temps now.
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    Please make sure you airco hoses are r134a compliant. The original 1982 are for sure not compliant. You only need to flush the system, install a r134a evap valve, and change the oil in the compressor to PAG oil and refill r134a

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    If you have the old piston Chrysler York(likely), there is a conversion for the Sanden rotary vane compressor that has the correct brackets to match the old piston type. It is more efficient, and will take 134 easily. Yes, - important to change out the barrier hoses. The Comp should come with the correct type and amount of oil already in it. But - it's best to drain all the oil you can, and vacuum the spit out of it for hours. The more air/water you can draw out of the AC system the better. It should also hold a good vac for quite a long time. The pressure test with nitrogen, and make sure that holds. Fill again with oil, correct R134a, and away you go.

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