Realistic service cost comparison between a 365v12 and a 308v8?

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    Hi All,
    I'm wondering if someone can give me a realistic estimate in the difference between running, servicing, and maintaining a 365 motor car and a 308 motor car. I'm thinking of the basic numbers mostly (cost of a major service, etc), but would also be happy to hear from anyone who has owned both types of car what the financial (& other) differences in ownership are like overall.

    I'm interested in the 365GT 2+2 in particular. By way of comparison, I have a Mondial QV. Cost of a major on that is around $6k when all is said and done.

    Anyone here had a 365 car and a 308 car and be willing to share some numbers with me?

    You can always PM if you'd rather.

  2. Glassman

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    Apr 23, 2002
    I owned a 250GT and a 308QV at the same time. I drove both cars seldom, but the 308 took a bigger chunk out of the wallet. Luckily nothing major broke on either. I did most service myself.
  3. SYake

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    May 15, 2005

    I have a 365 GT2+2 and a 328. While the 365 does not require periodic timing belt changes, it has a chain. I have spent more on 365 than the 328 over the years (16 years ownership for the 328, 11 years for the 365). It is important to get a 365 that has been looked after. An engine rebuild for the 365 will set you back a ways. early in the ownership of the QM we did and engine out partial overhaul. Since putting it back together 10 years ago, I have done only routine fluid replacements. It runs like a fine Swiss watch, and starts up with only a few turns of the crankshaft. Once sorted, very easy and cheap to maintain.

    I will be listing my QM soon to make room for a 488. It is a four owner car, spending from 69 to 2005 in Northern CA, then AZ until two years ago. PM me if you are interested.
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    +1 on the above.
    Important to get a sorted 365. Once sorted they are fine and low cost (relatively speaking).
    Buy a dog (like me) and you have a world of expense ahead of you!
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    I've owned a 1979 308 GTB and currently own a 1969 365 GT 2+2.

    The '79 308 GTB was a daily driver, so while it never left me stranded, the service requirements were somewhat regular. Living in California, the biggest challenge with the 308 was the smog requirement. Most of the major service could be done with the motor in the car, so it wasn't too complicated. Figure about $3K a year depending on how often it gets driven.

    The 365, however, has been quite costly. This has mainly been my choice as I have been improving the car over the last 3 years of ownership, and it just has more: more old electrics, more old suspension, more old HVAC, more leather, more cylinders, more carburetors - - just more. As with any old car, there is always something needing attention, and a V12 Ferrari has more somethings vs. a 308.

    But I will repeat the comments before this - once set up properly and driven, the 365 just keeps going. The motor always starts, the gearbox is wonderful, the ride is very comfortable and the engine/ exhaust note is glorious - truly. It's an unrivaled grand tourer - on an open freeway, I can't seem to keep the dang thing under 80 mph.

    Just assess what kind of vintage car guy you are: One who has to have it perfect, or one who will drive it and get around to fixing the little things when you can. If you're not doing your own maintenance, the answer to this question will determine how much time you spend driving your car vs. how much time and money you'll spend at the shop!
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    In my experience, once properly sorted, the maintenance cost of a 365 (330 in my case) will be slightly less than the maintenance cost of a 328. Getting everything properly sorted, however, will usually cost much more for the the 365 (and take much longer) than the 328.
  7. bundas

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    mitchell barnes
    A 365. 1976. Spent $80,000 to restore the car to new. Spent another $20,000 to fix electrical. Not part of restore, really. Spent $25,000 on a second motor rebuild. Screwed on the first one.
  8. donv

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    I have owned a 365GT for 23 years, and for some of that time I also owned a 3.2 Mondial. My Mondial was a piece of junk, admittedly, and the 365 was much cheaper to maintain. I would still say that's true even if the V-8 car was a decent one.
  9. Napoli365

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    Stefano Caretti
    Hello Arrureyhy,

    My name is Stefano and I am putting together a 365 GT 2+2 registry available here on or at

    I would like to get more information on your car so that I may include it on the list. A picture would be great to.



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