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Discussion in 'General Automotive Discussion' started by Cassia, Jul 7, 2019.

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    Jun 29, 2019
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    Hi guys!

    I was picking up my F-car from the dealer yesterday and he had a Range Rover Sport SVR parked right outside. Always been a fan of SUVs and this looked like quite a beast! Even sounded great too!
    So now I’m thinking of trading in my AMG for a brand new Range Rover Sport SVR but how reliable are these nowadays? Any thoughts?
  2. Carnut

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    I have a Range Rover Sport Autobiography, tuned to over SVR spec. I don't like the SVR, I would take the AB over it any day. I use my car only in winter (on a lift with now till November has Nokian snow tires on it), and much prefer the seats in the AB vs the SVR and my car had every option (including the 22" wheels they came of after 1 week), and other than some programming issues when I changed out the steering wheel, it has been trouble free. RRS are big boxes they are never going to handle a Cayenne, or a AMG GLE (I have one of those too), or the Maserati GTS SUV.
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    what tuning did you due to AB?
    I have one.
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    Mark Jones
    I just bought a velar for the wife. Two months no problems. I do like them and will buy a 2020 sport for myself

    Few observations:

    1) no adjustable pedals (my wife is 5’1)

    2) no onstar or embrace type services

    3) not many models have lumbar support

    4) while the electronics have vastly improved, the design takes a while to get used to

    5) be very careful to compare convenience packages to your present car. What I was used to In Mercedes, Cadillac or Lexus was not present in RR

    6) used ones with 2,000 miles have better warranties than new ones.

    They are nice.

    My rr thread:
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    Very very reliable. Arguably more reliable than BMW and Audi.
  6. absent

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    Nov 2, 2003
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    mark k.
    My wife expanded her interior design business, driving a Lusso became problematic with sometimes "interesting" warehouse locations, lack of space not allowing to put even a small piece like a lamp or small table also made it difficult for her.
    Got her the Sport SVR and she is very happy, Lusso is on consignment with LFSC.

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