F8 Questions and suggestions for my F8 Spider build

Discussion in '458 Italia/488/F8' started by Schyl, Apr 7, 2021.

  1. Schyl

    Schyl Rookie

    Dec 2, 2020
    Hi everyone!

    I’m just about to place my deposit for my first ever Ferrari! Couldn’t be more excited, but I still have a number of questions that I was hoping you all might be able to help me with. General thoughts about the build would be appreciated too!

    The build:

    Exterior: Rosso Corsa

    Interior: Nero

    Racing and Track

    Carbon Fiber Racing Seats – RSCH

    Racing Seat Lifter – RSES

    Exterior and Colors

    Yellow Brake Calipers – CALY

    Front Bumper Insert Carbon Fiber – CEAI

    Carbon Fiber Side Air Splitter – CEIS

    Carbon Fiber Rear Boot Trim – CERB

    Rear Diffuser in Carbon Fiber – CEXD

    Carbon Fiber Headlight Bucket – CEXF

    Front Airvents in Carbon Fiber – CEXG

    Carbon Fiber Underdoor Cover – CEXS

    Sport Exhaust Pipes – EXA3

    Carbon Fiber Front Spoiler – FCWS

    Scuderia Ferrari Shields – LOGO

    20” Forged Dark Painted Wheels – RIFS

    Interior and Materials

    Carbon Fiber Racing Paddles - CFPA

    Carbon Fiber Inner Door Handle - CIDH

    Carbon Fiber Driving Zone + LED's - CIDL

    Carbon Fiber Central Bridge - CILR

    Carbon Fiber Sill Kick - CISK

    Carbon Fiber Upper Tunnel Trim – CITZ

    Colored Safety Belts – CSB1

    Carbon Fiber Dashboard Inserts - DATR

    Horse Stitched in Headrests - EMPH

    Colored Mats with Logo - FLMA

    Yellow Rev Counter - RPMY

    Red Ring on Dashboard Airvents - RVEN

    Colored Special Stitching - STC2

    Equipment and Traveling

    AFS System – AFS1

    Suspension Lifter - ELEV

    Homelink Garage Door Opener - HOLK

    Front and Rear Parking Sensors – PAR2

    Passenger Display - PDIS

    HiFi Sound System – SNDH

    Total including GGT, TSMG, Delivery: $426,050

    My questions:

    1. I’ve gone back and forth on the exterior color – I generally don’t care for red cars but there’s something different about the Ferrari Red that draws me. Other colors I’ve considered are Blu Corsa and Azzurro California. Does anyone have any pictures of an F8 Spider in Azzurro or experience with the color in general? I haven’t been able to find more than one or two pictures/videos online of an F8 in the Azzurro color.

    2. For the interior color, I’m currently planning to go with red contrast stitching to match the exterior. As mentioned above, though, red is a color I generally don’t care for – I think the headrest logo especially looks far better in other colors than red. Does anyone have any pictures of or experience with (any model with) a Rosso Corsa exterior, a black interior, and yellow or white contrast stitching?

    3. I’ve seen a number of posts on this forum about the ULEZ and SHF1 options. The dealer told me that all of the leather options in the build spreadsheet were only needed if you wanted a non-black color – they all otherwise came standard in black leather. Is that correct? What is the default material for the interior roof/pillars/firewall area? What options do I need to make sure I have leather/carbon everywhere inside the car (other than the floor carpet)?

    4. I’m 6’4”. The dealer recommended that I get the racing seat lifter in case someone else would drive the car. I’ve never owned a car with a racing seat lifter before, and none of the cars in the showroom had the feature. If I don’t intend for other people to drive the car, is it worth getting? Do minor adjustments to it help make long drives more comfortable?

    5. I’ve seen a few references to “hidden” options like an antenna delete, Italian flag colored button rings, painted shields, etc. Is there a list somewhere that has all of these types of things? Regarding the antenna delete, does that have any affect on the radio or other features or is it just for navigation?

    6. Are there any suggestions or changes you would make to my build? It seems like its on the high end for options relative to other build. I’m not overly concerned about selling it as I tend to keep my cars for a long time.

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  3. LVP488

    LVP488 F1 Rookie

    Jan 21, 2017
    Congrats ;)
    If the F8 is like I remember, without SHF1 you get carpet-like material and without ULEZ you get some terrible fabric (fortunately you don't have to look at it too much since it's mainly on the roof). With the options you get leather and since you're paying for it, Ferrari generously allows you to choose the leather.
    You get some "special options" in the attached doc.

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  4. wthensler

    wthensler Formula 3
    Silver Subscribed

    Apr 27, 2015
    FL and BlueRidge Mtns.
    Full Name:
    I'm about done with my spec and it's not too dissimilar from yours. So far I'm with Rosso Scuderia on Nero with a decent amount of alcantara and red accents. Scuderia pops a bit more than the Corsa (IMO). But I still may go Grigio, lol! I have full electric Daytona's now and have come to dislike them due to lack of horizontal support. The racing seats are a major upgrade.

    As I'm am coming from a fully optioned 458 Spider with a ton of CF, this time around I decided to back off a bit on the interior CF and go with a lot more alcantara. The interior aluminum look isn't too bad, and and it's easy to go down a $20,000 rabbit hole on inside CF if you're not careful. Outside, yes, still doing a bunch as I'm not a huge fan of the black plastic.

    I'm going with the lift this time, because I've tired of the drama of trailering the 458 without I (to better roads up north). Also, I didn't like the red rings on the AC vents when I saw them in person, and opted for the black tachometer this time around.

    I'm not going with the fancy HIFI or satellite radio this time because they're useless in a 458 (unless you're polishing the car outside). Maybe better in the F8 because it's quieter?

    So far I opted for the seat lift so my wife can drive it, but I understand Hill Engineering makes something similar, you may want to check it out. I will be, too.

    Definitely get the backup camera if you didn't spec it.

    Most important of all, certainly seek opinions, but get what you want. It's yours to enjoy, you've earned it, and sounds like you will have it a long time. The brand has a way of working its way into your mindset.

    Always here to help. I may have a full list of options if you need it.
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  5. Schyl

    Schyl Rookie

    Dec 2, 2020
    Thanks! This brochure is exactly what I was looking for - too bad it gives me more questions and research to do (and undoubtedly a few more thousand dollars out the door :D). Have to see if I can find examples of the Satin finish horse and logo now.

    Scuderia is a great color! I likely would have gotten it myself if I didn't have another car in an orange already.

    Opted for the audio upgrade only because it represented such a small increase (percentage wise) relative to the car's price and I worried I'd be kicking myself about not adding 1% to get it later down the road. Of course, I said that about the CF diffuser, the CF splitter, etc. etc. and soon enough it added up to 33% of the car's base price :D I may revisit some of those interior carbon options like you suggest and see if I can't shave a few thousand back there.

    Definitely understand where you're coming from RE opinions. One thing I've found interesting perusing these forums compared to the forums of my other previous cars is just how little consensus there seems to be on so many options. Some people here love the audio upgrade, others think its a total waste. Same with the lifting system, carbon options, passenger display, etc.
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  6. GT2goneF

    GT2goneF F1 Rookie

    May 28, 2020
    Southern California
    I think that is a solid build. If you are not a red color kind of guy. Take your time in researching the color you really want. Go to a dealership and ask for the sample plates. They will give you an idea. Unfortunately, you can't really visualize how it will finally look on the car as you won't have the ability to see how the lines and angles work with the color and lighting on the plate. Walk around the show room as well. It may give you ideas. Finally, if you have an idea of a car meet, where they have Ferraris, swing by. It may be the most helpful thing you can do to make sure you end up with the color you want and not the one you are settling for.
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  8. Il Co-Pilota

    Il Co-Pilota F1 Rookie

    May 29, 2019
    Hopefully some place nice.
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    You cannot compare the upgraded hifi of the F8 and the 458. Both the standard and upgraded 458 systems were absolutely abysmal. The upgraded F8 system is not perfect, but pretty nice overall. Would be a mistake not to get it.

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  9. Schyl

    Schyl Rookie

    Dec 2, 2020
    I guess I didn't explain my preferences well enough! I really like the Rosso Corsa on this car - it just surprised me how much I like the Ferrari red because I haven't cared for red on other cars. The only concern I have about red is as a color for the interior contrast stitching - it just doesn't have quite the same pop or appeal to me as a yellow or white might. I worry, though, that yellow or white stitching might look off when paired with the red exterior.
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  10. Caeruleus11

    Caeruleus11 F1 Veteran
    Rossa Subscribed

    Jun 11, 2013

    My only comment is it seems you’ve gone for many options but no CarPlay. It is very expensive but given the amount of options on order already, I would add it, even if you are not an Apple user. I’m not saying this to be a downer, no one ever goes into their first build thinking about the day they have to sell it, but that day often arrives for many of us, and then you will be against a sea of similarly specced cars and I think there is a good chance a prospective buyer would say- gee you paid for all these options but no CarPlay, I really want to use waze in my car, I’ll keep looking.
    Just my 2 cents. Very nice spec!

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    MANDALAY F1 Veteran
    Silver Subscribed

    May 23, 2013
    Full Name:

    My 2 cents . Basically many here will know that i have said this a 100 times.

    So many options but missing the very first 2 that need to be ticked is Leather roof or alcantara if you have any in the car ( this will give you leather A pillars and also sunvisors ) The OEM material is crap. Second leather on the fire wall. Its carpet but looks wrong being there.

    I love red but especially Rosso Corsa but over the many years i always hated that at certain angles no mater how corrected the paint is it will be flat. This is because its a solid colour. Thats why many other reds shine no mater what angle because they are metallic.
    When the 488 GTB was released Ferrari finally released a new colour Rosso Corsa Metallizato . Awesome IMO ! RC with very fine metallic. Shiny at any angle.

    Next again IMO since you asked. Black interior with red stitching etc because of a red car just looks like its been done before Asian cars all the time. The red is lost in the black as you pointed out about the head rest horse. I went white and it really defines the black leather .

    Im monochromatic by nature and i found that the yellows do not match up in shade between shields , calipers , taco and emblem on the steering wheel.

    For me it was a no brainer and dont put 2 together. Black Taco, and only shields on the guards.

    I will point out that i dont like carbon, hence why there is none. But i still have my LED's and paid double just to delete the carbon.

    Image Unavailable, Please Login Image Unavailable, Please Login Image Unavailable, Please Login Image Unavailable, Please Login
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  13. buddyg

    buddyg F1 Rookie
    Rossa Subscribed Silver Subscribed

    Sep 20, 2004
    West Michigan
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    I would not get the carbon front bumper and rear diffuser. They are super expensive and if you damage one area you will have to replace the whole thing. I did the front bumper insert in Carbon. Did you do the engine bay in carbon? That looks fantastic!

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  14. Schyl

    Schyl Rookie

    Dec 2, 2020
    I see what you're saying, but it seems too remote a chance in this moment to add in the $4k for a feature I won't use - and can't guarantee a buyer will use (if I ever do sell it).

    Is it just option ULEZ? Or is there another option I'll need to tick to get everything in leather in the spider? I don't see the SHF1 option on the spider list.

    I'll definitely look at it. Hopefully I can get the dealer to let me know if one comes in so I can see it in person. Thanks for posting all of the stitching pictures! Looks good.

    Can you save your extra carbon for me next time? :D

    I chose not to do the engine bay in carbon only because I'm going with the spider. If I had the coupe I'd 100% have gone with it.

    Thanks all for commenting!

    Does anyone have any experience with the racing seat lifter? Does it have any utility during long drives just for adding another way to change the seat position? Also, in the special equipment brochure a user posted above, there was a Satin logo/horse option. Does anyone have a picture they could share of that option?

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  15. buddyg

    buddyg F1 Rookie
    Rossa Subscribed Silver Subscribed

    Sep 20, 2004
    West Michigan
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    Yeah duh I wouldn’t do it on a spider either. I forgot you were getting a spider.

    MANDALAY F1 Veteran
    Silver Subscribed

    May 23, 2013
    Full Name:

    Dont know the codes , just point to the roof and where the storage net is behind the seats :)

    On carbon if i did go F8 i would even remove and or pay to get the carbon removed from the dash where the passenger display goes. That is standard.

    With regards to RCM colour just look at any RC car at different angles and you will know what i mean.
  17. Caeruleus11

    Caeruleus11 F1 Veteran
    Rossa Subscribed

    Jun 11, 2013
    Racing seat lifter is a lever that allows you to adjust the height of the racing seat. It is purely manual. If you are the only one who will be using the car then it may not be necessary. But if you will ever share the car with anyone else it can be useful. The only other downside I find is for some reason when I get back into the car it seems as if the seat is not quite at the same height as I left it, I think I must gently touch or brush the lever on my way in or out of the seat. So I learn how many lifts from either the top or bottom of the range I like on each particular car. That is my method. I would get it if it were me. But if you will not have anyone else using the car then you are good. Also the standard racing seat can be adjusted, but usually it needs to be via the dealer, there are I think 4 height positions and there are bolts that can be removed and then reinserted. I don't wish to be argumentative, but I've been buying, owning, and selling exotic cars for nearly 30 years and while there are cars that are "forever keeper" cars, my experience is for most of us, with most cars, the day comes when something else catches your eye and then its time to sell. Another way of putting it is, for any deal its always good to know how you not only get in, but also get out. The "this car is a forever keeper" car mindset is a great way to justify all kinds of expensive options, and I have done that many times so I am guilty as charged, I'm just trying to share some experience.
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  18. Dicecal

    Dicecal Formula 3
    Silver Subscribed

    Nov 15, 2015
    Phoenix, AZ
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    If you want red, I’d seriously consider a metallic color. Take a look at Rosso 70th anniversary, more of a true red (no orange in it) with a fine metallic.
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