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Discussion in 'Europe' started by JH, Sep 17, 2013.

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    Jonas H.
    ... I have always wondered - where is the entrance to the underground parking garage for the Casino and Hotel de Paris ?? Can someone show me on a map or street view or something? And how do you get down there :D
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    Eddy Pareit

    Very simple.
    If you stand on Casino Square with the Casino in your back, you look to the park.
    On your left you have Hotel de Paris. On your right you have the Terrace of Café
    the Paris. You go direction the park on the side of Café de Paris and when you have just passed the Café, you will see the entrance of the Casino for "the normal people". Go there and look to the entrance (don't go inside). Once there, you look at your left and you will see an escalator. Simply go down, pass the payment boxes on your left. Just in fiont of the guardiansoffice, you go left, then through the doors and IN YOU ARE.

    Eddy Pareit

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