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Discussion in '365 GT4 2+2/400/412' started by 4-Seater, Jul 15, 2005.

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    Jul 15, 2005
    Have found a 400i that needs has a blown manifold, non-standard ignition system and non-standard suspension. Am therefore looking for replacement manifold (ideally in stainless steel), standard ignition system and self-levelling suspension pump, pipes and shocks. Would appreciate advice soonest. Based in London.
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    Try Ferrari UK if not here in the States GT Car Parts 623-780-2200
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    Welcome - the second sticky thread at the top of this section is called 'where can I get parts for my classic ferrari' - I would hope that could be helpful to you !

    Also there's a few 400 owners on the UK section who might have thoughts
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    As a former 400i owner you should have left it where you found it unless its really cheap!

    Manifolds are from £600 each + fitting (and theres 4 of them) the hard bit is taking the front suspesion appart to fit it (the mounting bolts get in the way of the mainifolds)
    The rear suspension depends on who's broken / braking one, the non standard bits are actually a bonus as the factory parts are a pain in the backside to fix!

    the normal supsects for parts would be.

    Ferrari UK
    Douglas Valley
    Euro part
    QV London
    Eddie Walsh -
    Cheshire Sport and Offroad

    I know you probabley dont want to hear this, but by the time you've finished your going to end up with a car thats cost you a lot more than its worth (perfect 400ia in the UK should cost arround £11-12k, anything that needs any work is under £5K,)

    If you want any more advice from somebody whose been there and done it with a couple of 400's in the UK, PM me



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