Not a Ferrari but day-amn...

Discussion in 'Other Racing' started by lorenzobandini, Nov 22, 2017.

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    If it comes with Lucas Electrics.......furgetit!!! :p
  3. lorenzobandini

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    Yeah, yeah, yeah. 'Why they drink warm beer, etc., etc., etc. :p

    On a serious note, back in '05 when ProDrive ran the new DBR9, I saw them test and thought the same and sho' 'nuff, come the Twelve Hours, they won outa' the box. ('was glad too...'not a Vette fan) :)
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    AM builds pretty good stuff. Aston's bodies have always been sleek and sexy The powertrains always seemed to lack, but that seems to be a thing of the past. If this one is good out of the box, then they should make some other manufacturer's days a wee bit tougher at the track. Would be nice to them put GM's knickers in a twist!!! :p
  5. notsofast

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    As much as I loved the Prodrive Ferrari 550, the DBR9 is a close second in pulling at the heart strings. Gorgeous looks and the sound from that V12. Oh yeah
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    Barton Workman
    Absolutely, those DBR9s where phenomenal despite Aston Martin being a wet blanket about their chances vs.
    Corvette, the DBR9s handled the Sebring bumps so much better than anyone in GT1, the difference was visible.

    From a vantage point outside Turn One, there is a bump on the exit of the turn where the Corvettes were noticeably
    dipping and bottoming out. When the Astons drove over the same bump they went over it as if it was smooth as

    It is great that Aston Martin have kept in racing all these years given that in 2006 if seemed as though they were
    almost embarrassed to be in racing. Particularly frustrating when trying to land a contract to photograph for the
    team. But, with Dave Richards at the helm, racing involvement is all but a foregone conclusion. One of the
    true characters of the business.

    The new car looks the business. GTE Pro is going to be explosive next year with this and the new BMWs coming
    on board.

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  7. RWatters

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    Feb 21, 2006
    I miss this sound:

    I hate that most modern race cars sound like turds. Car does look killer though.
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  8. tervuren

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    Apr 30, 2006
    RWatters, I think a lot of the audio comes into BOP balancing, engines are limited in RPM and/or restricted intake size.

    Its the same thing with the current crop of F1 engines, the fuel flow regulation means that for the displacement there is an artificial RPM cap. Those V6's in F1 are capable of higher RPM without the restriction.

    I have a hard time watching most FIA GT races, the BOP influence is too obvious, especially in GTE and GT3. Bathurst is the one I still enjoy, but I think the absence of GTE helps.
  9. Eric R

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    Eric R.
    Alright, I'll be that guy. I love Corvette racing and it will never change. I appreciate and like "some" of the others with these being one of them.

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