New Acoustic Guitar Advice Needed

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  1. venusone

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    Mar 20, 2004
    Dug out my 1968 Westbrook and it sounds terrible esp w/ the circa 1972 strings that don't help. I think the neck is warped as distance of strings to frets looks far. I'm thinking I might like a "travel" sized guitar since I am a smallish person. There seems to be a couple main brands out there like Fender & Yamaha. But really I have no clue as to what to get. What should I look for? Thanks!
  2. venusone

    venusone F1 Rookie

    Mar 20, 2004
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  3. NeuroBeaker

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    What's your budget?

    My parents bought me a Takamine acoustic guitar when I was a teenager and I've always been happy with it. My dad bought a newer Gibson and a newer Takamine for himself in the last couple of years and he actually prefers the Takamine even though it's about 1/4 the cost. Personally, I prefer the Gibson, but I acknowledge that it's a very expensive guitar and the Takamine is a better buy. In conclusion, try playing a Takamine and see if you like it. :)

    Taylor have a reputation for making some outstanding quality acoustic guitars, although I've not yet had the chance to play one.

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    It's mostly about feel and sound. In my experience, no two acoustic guitars sound exactly alike. Why not head down to the local store and see which one 'feels' right to you?

    Takamine puts out some decent guitars that won't hurt the wallet.
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    Martin if you've got deep pockets. Absolute best acoustics out there.

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  6. Ak Jim

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    Spend a few hours at a location guitar store, maybe a Guitar Center, and spend so time trying out a bunch of different guitars. I have never been disappointed with buying a quality musical instrument, only with a cheap one.
  7. Hugh Conway

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    Jul 24, 2012
    If the action's high (distance of strings to frets) the problem is generally not a neck "warp" -which is more usually a curve to the neck - but the neck moving up over time, often if left with strings at tension. Common solution is a neck reset, which generally isn't possible/done with a cheap 70s classical guitar. But isn't hard, but also isn't cheap ($350-600 or so, maybe less, maybe more - without fretwork, possible new bridge + saddle) to do with a proper guitar and a decent luthier.

    If you want something smaller look at a Single 0 or a parlor Guitar. Or look for a smaller sized classical. There are tons of guitar brands available at every available price range, find a decent guitar shop. Guitar Center is everywhere but can be indifferent in service and might not have some other brands that will appeal. Try for decent reputation independent and play some guitars.
  8. miketuason

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    I like the Ovation guitars
  9. Carnut

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    I have about a dozen guitars, my favorite acoustic is my Zager, with my left wrist not in the best of shape anymore, it is the easiest to play. Look up Zager guitars, can take awhile they are made to order, at least they used to be.
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    Disclosure: I have a guitar store but stock only lefties. Nonetheless:

    For a great travel guitar, check out the Blackbird Lucky 13 ... it is a smaller (00 size) 13-fret guitar made entirely of carbon fiber and composite materials. This makes it practically indestructible, so all you need is the soft gig bag it comes with. I've flown with it, stuff it in the overhead and if they make you gate check it just grin knowing they can't break it unless they back the plane over it (which is always possible).

    It is a great sounding guitar, you would not guess it was carbon fiber, but since there is no wood on the guitar it is impervious to cold, heat, humidity and does not require the same care that a fine wooden acoustic guitar does.

    I use one to play out with, and one night I had just finished a set and was kneeling on the stage to put the guitar back in its gig bag when the next band's road crew heaved a heavy wooden Leslie organ speaker cabinet up on stage. The corner of the cabinet hit the back of my guitar with a sharp impact that would have splintered any regular acoustic. The roadie's face when ashen but I just grinned, flipped the guitar over, not a damn scratch on it. Here's a link to a great player with his, the sound will surprise you.

    And a photo of a customer of mine enjoying his ... in the snow.

    They go for around $2200 with a pickup.
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    Holy xxxx is that guy good...

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