Need help identifying an aftermarket wheel.

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    LONG story short, a customer requested we find a replacement aftermarket wheel for their car. Problem is there are no markings, part numbers, brand stampings, etc. anywhere on the wheel itself. The wheel is not a true modular wheel FWIW. The customer purchased the car from an independent seller and there is no information to be found on said wheel. I've spent, genuinely, 1-2 hours scouring the internet to find this particular wheel with no luck. I contacted my sales rep at Tire Rack for assistance and he even said, "good luck".

    Lastly, this is on a 1997 456GT.

    The center cap pictures are for reference, they obviously aren't genuine Ferrari center caps.

    ANY help would be appreciated.

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    I have seen wheels like that, but that was years ago. Back then knock offs had no markings on them, so I am not surprised you cannot find anything. I doubt there is ever a bolt pattern or an offset. You could probably search ebay and find something like it. I agree with darth, those things are probably heavy and chrome does not belong on any car wheel.

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