My Ferrari is still in the shop

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  1. ginoBBi512

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    Oct 9, 2016
    In my last post, I mentioned that i needed a new windscreen, after 3 were delivered to FERR PARTs all with cracks, Mike at Ferrari Service of Costa Mesa found one. What I did not know , was that he had a stroke in Feb, and his shop is full with Ferraris haif taken apart. I like Mike, but he should have told me he was in bad shape, rather than have my car sit in his shop for 6-7 weeks. I had to have it towed there because after 21 years of ownership, the 328 has an electrical problem, no power to the fuel pump. I replaced the relay , that did not solve the problem. I had to have my car towed to another shop. Now,to add to the problems, my new AC system is still having issues with the coolant leaking out. I also have to use the original trim because the one I ordered from FERR PARTS has to be cut, and no glass shops know how to do it,thankfully my original is still in great shape, and it will be cleaned and re used. Tomorrow, my new windscreen will be installed. Once every issue is fixed, I can then get my Compomotive rims installed with new tires of course. I am so looking forward to getting my car back. Until then, I will keep having fun with my newest Ducati, STREETFIGHTER V4S !!
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    Thank you
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    Let me get this straight. Mike has a stroke and you’re irritated because he inconvenienced you?
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  4. CoreyNJ

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    Apr 17, 2006
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    I think his point was, Mike should have told his customers he had some health issues and wasn't working or was very backed up because of it so that his customers knew that before he dropping off new cars for work. I think that is fair. When I broke my shoulder last year, I sent an email blast to all my customers that I'd be out of commission for a while and to find someone else for anything they needed that was timely.
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  5. ginoBBi512

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    Oct 9, 2016
    I offered my condolences, and said I was sorry for his health issues, as well as letting him know that I will continue to bring my car to him once he gets his health back, I also offered to help him work on my car, as well as finding someone that he can hire to help him at his shop, I know at least one person who would be capable of learning how to work on F Cars, seeing that his last guy screwed up the valves ( valve timing) on a V 12 head, according to him. With that being said, the right action to take, would have been to let his customers know about his health issues, and not to let my car sit in a dusty shop for weeks on end , and with the top off....

    Thank you
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