Mondial In Rome. Yours?

Discussion in 'Italy' started by Rosso328, Jul 6, 2019.

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    I saw this Mondial in a parking garage just off Via Veneto this week. Judging by the layer of dust, it hasn’t moved in months if not years.

    Does anyone here know anything about it?

    Sorry for the poor quality picture. My iPhone insisted on focusing on the barrier rather than the car.

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  3. rdefabri

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    Jun 4, 2008
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    Ha! I took a picture of the exact same car when I was there in November! I stayed in the hotel across the street!

    It must be sitting there for some time because it's REALLLLY dusty.
  4. Sig. Roma

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    Dom T.
    Back in the old days (1971-1973), I lived in Rome and just of the Via Veneto was a car dealer which dealt in tax free cars for export and they also dealt in used Ferraris, Maseratis et el. I doubt this outfit is still in existence, it was near the top of the Via Veneto, not far from the Villa Borghese.
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