Maserati 250F Model and Photo

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    About nine years ago, I had the opportunity to purchase a framed copy of the late Yves Debraine's famous photo of Fangio taken during his legendary drive at the '57 German Grand Prix. A year or two later, I bought CMC's 1/18 model of the car and was able to situate it directly below the photo. I really like the way they look together.

    Incidentally, the photo is signed by Debraine. It's signed black on black in the lower right-hand corner. The signature is only visible when light strikes it from a certain angle.

    I'm pretty happy with the model, though the first thing I noticed when I received it was that CMC had positioned the trident badges slightly too high relative to the louvers on the side of the car. I am not tempted to mess with that.
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    Very nice, looks very cool indeed.
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    Thank you!

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