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    I always enjoyed the Lotus 907 engine that is in the Jensen Healey. It revved nicely and seemed to have good performance. Although I didn't know then that some people would call it "the torqueless wonder" for its tepid torque with high HP! :p

    When I first drove the JH, my own car was a Fiat X1/9, so of course the JH felt like it had gobs of power. My next car, a couple of years later, was a Jag E-type V12, which was heads and shoulders above the JH I was comparing it to then, but the JH didn't suffer that badly since you knew it was a 4-banger and the other was a V12, so it was only fair to make allowances. Driving style of the X1/9 was more similar to the JH since both engines did well staying higher in the rev range.

    So looking at the cars that have also had the Lotus 907 engine, it turns out that these are the cousins of the JH.

    Type 75 Lotus Elite

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    Type 76 Lotus Eclat

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    Type 79 Series 1&2 Lotus Esprit

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    All good looking brethren and usually classified as "exotics" of their era!
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    Mine doesn't leak oil.
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    Why not?

    No oil in it?



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