Looking for a Ferrari 412 5 speed convertible

Discussion in '365 GT4 2+2/400/412' started by lambo2ferraris, Apr 25, 2004.

  1. lambo2ferraris

    Mar 22, 2004
    Hello Ferrari Chat,

    I've lurked on the boards for a long time but never posted until now. I need a little help from the Ferrari family if possible?

    If anyone happens to know of a nice Ferrari 412 5 speed for sale, I would seriously appreciate any & all leads to find this particular car.

    I'm a private party buyer located in Los Angeles and willing to travel within the USA to PPI @ my expense, no nonsence, no stories, no loans needed, no drama... I'm a straight cash buyer; history and a clean car are really important- however, I will consider (cough...) an automatic. I'm willing to convert it to a 5 speed if neccesary, but it must be a clean Straman cut or of equal quality. I perfer the Grigio exterior w/2 tone coco brown dash & console w/light tan chairs & headliner interior with a black convertible top.

    As a last resort, I'd consider a coupe as long as it's a 412 5 speed. I'm even open to buying 2 cars to blend together all the aspects I'd like in one clean package... a 5 speed convertible. I'm sure there's a nice girl out there that wouldn't mind driving the automatic, but it wouldn't be me.

    Thanks in advance to those who might help in my search for this car. Again, the car is for me, I'm not a dealer or broker; just a guy looking for a nice comfortable touring car with a little trunk space behind the prancing horse.

    By the way, a pal of mine was on my laptop a couple days ago looking through the old chat and left a post responding to someone who spotted my red "Quasi 288 GTO" (LOL) '78 downdraft 308 GTS Shark nose in Malibu. Must admit I chuckled when I read it; but the comments regarding Blackhorse Motors and Carl Steuer are very true. Carl is an exceptionally skilled old school mechanic as well as a super nice person. I know of no other Ferrari / Lambo shop where I can make a quick phone call and drop in 10 minutes later and have him actually take care of my cars. I recommend him to anyone looking for a great shop. His restorations go to Pebble Beach...

    Best Regards, HLL3 (323) 461-1569
    P.S. For anyone interested in rating me as a serious buyer or those who enjoy eBay, my user ID is HLL3, feedback is 100+ all 100% positive and there are also some outstanding pic's of my (and my friends) 'L' cars on the ME page. They're from a Lamborghini Club America event I helped organize in Santa Barbara.

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