For Sale Loaded 2016 BMW 535I X drive-- $500.00 month!!!!

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    Lease a 2016 BMW 535i XDrive-- $500/month.

    Thank you for reviewing my ad. This is a short term lease. I originally posted this last year when I was considering getting an M3. I changed my mind and decided to wait for the M3CS, which I just took possession of, so now its time for this car to go.

    This car is professionally maintained so you can rest assured it is in truly exceptional condition. Furthermore, the paint is ceramic coated to preserve the Mineral Grey Metallic finish. The interior is a flawless Black Dakota leather and comes with BMW OEM rubber floormats to preserve the carpets.

    The car It is fully loaded, including:

    (1) the Cold Weather package,

    (2) Driver Assistance Package,

    (3) Driver Assistance Plus,

    (4) Premium Package,

    (5) rear sunshades,

    (6) Harmon Kardon Surround.

    (7) Satellite radio

    All told the sticker price was $67,095. For those unfamiliar with BMW options lists, I’ve included a photo of the window sticker. Those packages include, among other things, Navigation, heads up display, blind spot assist, heated seats and steering wheel, powered sunshades and trunk, keyless entry, and birds eye view cameras among many other options.

    The lease price is $500.00 a month (plus state tax). Lease term ends 12/9/19. The car has approximately 33K miles on her and there are approximately 15K miles remaining on the lease (subject to change as I am still using her). The Car is up to date on service and needs nothing. She has never given me any trouble and has needed no warranty service whatsoever. The only ding against the car is that a rake fell on the hood a few months ago and left a scratch and a few small dents on the hood, which I had professionally repaired at an Exotic Car repair facility, recommended by BMW.

    I was able to get this exceptional lease rate by giving BMW $4000.00 in multiple security deposits in exchange for a lower lease number. At the end of the lease, BMW refunds those deposits. Anyway, the Buyer is required to reimburse me the $4000.00 in security deposits at the time of transfer. BMW will refund you that money at lease end, and you are welcome to contact BMW Financial services to confirm that.

    The car has a residual value of $39,800.00. Should you wish to purchase it at lease end, in addition to the new car warranty of 4 years and 50K miles, this car comes with an additional one year of BMW CPO coverage! Regarding the residual value, it is not a well kept secret that you can go through your local dealer towards lease end and negotiate a more favorable purchase price, though not always guaranteed, I have done so in the past. On my i8, for example, I was offered $20K off my residual.

    There is a application and transfer fee at lease transfer (a $470.00 cost), which I will reimburse.

    There simply cannot be a better deal on a 2016 BMW 535 anywhere. I apologize for the quality of the photos in advance, best I could do on a cold bright day with an I-phone!.

    Thanks again for reading.
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