Lets talk about Lotus Evora's again

Discussion in 'British' started by Atlanta355, Sep 9, 2017.

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    So over the last decade I have gone from owning 3 Ferraris's and a lot of 911's to my present two sports cars. A 1984 911 and a 2011 Evora S. Its hot here in GA and roads in the city not fun so in the last year I have driven my 911 maybe 500 miles, the Evora about 5k as its practical for the school run on occasion and simple chores plus easy to drive to the mountains an hour away. When I owned my Ferrari 355 and 328 I basically used them a few times a year and they became garage art.

    So I have been thinking to sell both cars and go back into Ferrari and buy a 360 5sp. Sounds good I know but chatting about it with friends I am thinking why? In all likelihood it will sit like the 911 and become garage art. So after a lot of thought I am thinking to go with a new Evora 400 or maybe even a 410 and actually get a car I can enjoy and put some miles on.

    So what would you do with 100k buy a new Evora 400 or buy a used 360 5 speed?
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    I went with the 400 and have put almost 5,000 miles on it since I took delivery mid February. I love it and drive mine every day. Going from the standard driving mode to sport to race modes transforms how the car behaves and makes it feel like 3 different cars. You can put it in race mode, kick the rear end out in corners and listen to the exhaust, then when its cold and raining put it in the standard driving mode, turn on the heated seats and blast the radio. Compared to the 360, and I hate to say it because this is a Ferrari forum, but the 400 is faster, handles better, is more comfortable, more reliable, more rare and exotic, sounds better, and has more modern amenities than the 360. The only thing I can think of as pluses to the 360 is nobody ever asks "who makes Ferrari?" And the depreciation of the 360 will be nonexistent. However, a new 400 comes with a warranty. I even picked the 400 over a F430
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    Only real issue is resale if you decide to change later. If not worried about selling then buy what you want. Lotus will depreciate to a 40k car in the near future. Ferrari's like the 360 - will appreciate after the 20 year mark.

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    I drove my 400 yesterday, I have not yet gotten to 300 miles, and I am having a new steering wheel made (one of things I have to change), and looking at shortening the shifter throws, but so far I am impressed. After what I have lost on cars over the years I could care less what it will be worth in 20 years. At my age (and almost dying as many times as I have) I live for today. In 20 years if I'm still around I doubt I will care that much about what anything I own is worth.
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    This above sums it up very well.

    As to resale. Whats that 360 going to cost to keep for 20 years- 3-5k per year, thats after you get it sorted in the first place.? A modern lotus asks only for fluids, ocasional pads and tires. Worst case you blow the motor(which I have yet to hear happen) a new short block is $6k. They sound great, are real probaby the last real divers cars made in this segment.

    You can take an out the box lotus to the track and have fun for multiple laps and ays with no issues, try that in an older 360, or many a new "track spec" car for that matter.. Go to track day, see how many Loti are present, there is a reason for that.

    The evora motors sound great and are as as smooth as a ferrari flat 12.

    Ferrari has the badge for laymen and valet parkers, Lotus has the name amongst drivers.
    If youre using the car the lotus can play daily weekends etc great, it has Ac that works a stereo etc, yet almost pradoxicaly its still one of the very very few true drivers cars.

    Lotus is still designed enginered and built by real car enthusiasts, ferrari makes some great machines but is essentialy now a branding company.

    If you like everything thats great about an older anologue ferrari, and like new car useability and performance Lotus is the way to go.

    You already have your porche as garage art. Life is short get a car you'll use and get max pleasure from.

    There is a reason why people who love to drive, once they get a modern Lotus always tend to have one around.
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    To me it sounds like you really want something to drive and not garage art. Lotus.
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    A 360 5 speed will cost you far more than 100k. They are extremely rare.
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    ^^^ This.
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    996GT2 with "soft" adjustable coils overs.
    That's where I'm headed.

    A monster with table manners.
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    Yes exactly, funnily enough my local Lotus dealer also has a 360 stick on the lot at 80k, looked pretty good but the interior was a little worn (36k miles or so).

    Anyway I am going to go the Lotus route and actually use it as intended, thanks for all the replies and feedback which seems to confirm my thoughts.
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    We'll be waiting for pics of your new car ;-)
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    Wait...I can share some insights as well.. Handling is better than my previous Porsche GT3 and GT4. Suspension feels better than 458 at high speed, it does give more confidence. The strongest impression I have is from its AP brake - it is that good comparing to car 3 folds more, including my aforementioned cars. But the Evora 400 is in the shop for the 6th time since I took delivery last year Nov/Dec. Still in the shop :(
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    I have an interest in potentially buying one of these to add to the stable. I see asking prices on new cars from dealers are high 90's. Can anyone share what they are actually selling for?

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