Japanese imported European cars in Europe- What's the story?

Discussion in 'Europe' started by sixcarbs, Dec 6, 2017.

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    I see a good number of ads for used Mercedes, Rolls-Royces, and even Ferraris in Europe that have been imported from Japan. They tend to be slightly better priced than similar mileage cars. What's the story with these cars? Are they to be avoided? It seems like some dealers have made a business of importing them.


  2. Simon

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    Not something that has struck me. People imported the models not available in Europe, FTO, early Skyline etc. but can't say I've seen "a good number" of Japanese imports for sale otherwise.
  3. Mikestradale

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    Yes, quite a few CS’s have been imported to Europe lately, especially to the UK (I only keep track of the Stradales, no other models).

    You can also see this when you go to this page on my website (scroll to the LHD JAPAN cars), you can see the flags/country where the cars are right now:

    38 JP spec cars in the db, 14 of them are now in Europe.

    The cars in Japan are cheaper, but it’s harder to get the full history + some cars dont have paperwork + Japanese people like to mod their cars.
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    I have imported a Japanese 550 into Canada, a lot of work, however, the paperwork and history was present, to keep a car on the road in Japan is quite costly to renew your licence, they are typically well maintained as this is the only way to keep them road worthy
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    The keyword - AUCTIONS. Most cars are bought from Japanese auction sites, sometimes the mileage or the history cannot be verified. On top of this, it was easy to strike a good deal when there were many cars of a given model for sale, now he prices tend to go up on the Japanese auctions, and interesting cars become more rare.
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  6. Flavio_C

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    Sep 7, 2012
    In summary, many LHD cars that were imported into Japan are now difficult to resell in the used market there and thus find their way back to Europe. Sought-after and low mileage LHD modern classics can be bought in Japan for peanuts and sold in Europe for a good profit.
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    Modern classics are the keyword. Looking at cars Made before 1995, it becomes harder to find good examples, however if we look at post 2000s vehicles, there is still a land of plenty there. Three of my friends from different parts of the world recently bought on auction cars such as a 997 targa, M5 E60 V10 and a CL55 AMG for next to nothing compared to what you would pay in Europe.

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