Info needed on Weber 58mm carb variants?

Discussion in 'Vintage Ferrari Market' started by Barrett Nicholas, Oct 20, 2020.

  1. Barrett Nicholas

    Oct 2, 2020
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    Barrett Nicholas
    I'm hoping someone here can tell me more about the different varieties of 58mm Weber carbs. I'm currently attempting to make a deal for purchasing a car, it is a package deal and includes a set of 58mm Webers - but they're packed away and I don't have any pictures of them. I believe they're from a Coventry Climax engine, however that's just based on the seller's statement.

    I'm really a lot more interested in the car that this is part of this package deal, but given their potential value (and the seller's belief that they are valuable) I need to be able to identify what they are when I'm there to look at the car. Having a ballpark idea of what different types go for (and I understand that condition is a huge factor) would be fantastic.

    Can anyone point me to or provide me any explanations of what variants of 58mm Weber carb exist, and hopefully maybe pictures of them? From what I've been able to determine (assuming I've understood what I've found so far) there are DCOE and DCO3 (or possibly that variant is a DCOA3?) and that there are also differing number of mounting studs (both 4 and 6?) for even the same variation (DCOA3).

    I understand that there are reproductions of some models being made - I'm 99.95% confident that these are period parts and not reproductions.

    Thanks in advance for any and all help!

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  3. turbo-joe

    turbo-joe F1 Veteran

    Apr 6, 2008
    southwest germany
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    romano schwabel
    as I know the biggest weber are 55 mm
    are those 58 IDF or DCOE?
  4. DWR46

    DWR46 Formula 3

    Jun 19, 2012
    Barrett: The 2.5 and 2.7 liter Coventry Climax engines used 58 DCO 3 carburetors. They were also used on small block Chevrolet based Can-Am motors. Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sports, in the 377 cu. in. version also used them. I am not sure any 58 DCOE versions exist, but somebody may be able to answer that question. General Motors and Ford both worked with Weber to produce very small runs of 58 IDA downdraft units for Ford Indy engines and GM Big Block Aluminum Can-Am engines. I am very familiar with the DCO units. There are definitely reproductions being made. Most of them do not work.
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  5. Barrett Nicholas

    Oct 2, 2020
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    Barrett Nicholas
    Thanks for the replies - yes, they are DCO carbs. Beyond that I'm not sure, I've read of a DCOE version, reportedly they had a choke mechanism and the throttle shafts have bushings while the DCO3 don't (and/or maybe the DCOA3 - I don't know what differences they are if any between those 2).
    DWR46, do you have any pictures of the ones you're familiar with? Are you aware of any with a different # of mounting studs? Bonhams had an auction (archived here on FerrariChat) that mentions the different number of mounting studs (and a 10x difference in what they sold for), but I'm wondering if maybe the one set included the intake runners.

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