I was thankful for this speeding ticket!.......

Discussion in '308/328' started by papparazzi, Oct 27, 2020.

  1. papparazzi

    papparazzi Rookie

    Nov 12, 2004
    Carlisle, MA 01741
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    Christian Delbert
    Here goes the story.....hang on!
    In 1985 I had gone up to North Conway from Boston to play a tennis tournament. After a couple of rounds I lost and started heading for Boston Sunday evening. I decided not to take 93 ( the highway ) but take some of the back roads. Everything was going smoothly on these nice rolling hills until I crested the top of the hill and saw a big camper and six cars in back of it.
    I reached the last car and waited for the first car in back of the camper to start passing. He never did and neither did anybody else. 45mph on the straights ( with passing zones in a 55mph limit ) and 35mph up hill.

    I soon got antsy and told my wife I would have to pass them all in one fell swoop. I fell back to give myself a good head start. I then proceed to put my foot down to the floor with my finger on the horn button ( didn't want someone deciding to pass when I was passing! ) I passed all the cars and just hit the double yellow lines at the end of the pass. I pulled in front of the camper with my foot completely off the throttle.

    Less than 200 yards after the pass the road went up again. Incidentally, my wife told me I was doing 110mph during the pass. I like to stay in the passing lane as short a time as possible. Anyway, when I got to the top the hill there were two state troopers waiting for me. They pulled me over and asked for the usual. Then he proceeded to ask me how fast I was going. I told him that I was more busy watching the road then my speedometer. Then he asked me how I thought they caught me. I said the usual....with radar. No, he said, we timed you with a spotter plane! In the meantime, the camper and those six cars were all hooping and hollering as they went passes me! For or against me? Who knows.

    I could now see a big, big fine coming my way and perhaps even impounding my car! But, he proceeded to tell me they had timed me at 70mph!! I guess the lines on the road didn't coincide with the plane's timing device!
    Anyhow, he said he was going to give me a break because he loved Ferraris. 65mph instead of 70mph. I left feeling all was good with the world!
    Incidentally, my car was bought new in 1983. 308QV. She's been with me ever since!
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  3. ferrariowner

    ferrariowner Formula Junior

    Feb 21, 2014
    Mansfield, TX
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    Fight it in court. Tell the judge you were going way over 100mph and their timing system is not accurate.:)
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  4. Alex308qv

    Alex308qv Formula Junior

    Jul 1, 2016
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    Well the Italian speedometers are known to be not that accurate...
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  5. mike996

    mike996 F1 Veteran

    Jun 14, 2008
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    Mike 996
    On my Ducati 996 I was let off by a State Trooper (who was luckily a fellow motorcyclist) back in '06. He clocked me at 132 MPH on radar (no traffic/no other vehicles) on a 4 lane divided highway in my favorite sweeping turn on my way to work. I figured I was going directly to jail but after I took off my helmet and he saw I was an old guy, he said, "I'm not going to give you a ticket but we ARE going to stand here for 20 minutes so people will think I'm giving you a ticket. We'll talk about motorcycles." And we did!

    OTOH, I once had my drivers license suspended for 3 months for too many speeding tickets. So I suppose it all averages out! ;)
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  6. rob

    rob F1 Rookie

    May 22, 2002
    Back in my younger days I was living in R.I. and it was memorial day weekend and I decided to tune up my 86 mustang gt. I figured since it was memorial day weekend everyone would be at the beach so the highway would be pretty empty and I could do a test run. I got on the part of the highway that was straight for 5 plus miles and had a jersey barrier running along the left side so no place for cops to hide in the median, figured I was good to go. Get on the highway no traffic at all, open her up I'm running along in fifth at a good clip and then I see sitting in the shadows of the breakdown lane under an overpass is a state trooper. I hit the binders and pulled right over he didn't even have to get out of the breakdown lane. He said that he clocked me at well over 100 but he cut me a break and wrote me up for 82 in a 55 which was much appreciated by me.
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  8. ClydeM

    ClydeM F1 Veteran
    Rossa Subscribed Owner

    Nov 4, 2003
    Wayne, NJ
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    Clyde E. McMurdy
    Who's been with you? The wife, or the car :) I'd have had to take the my car to an interior shop to get the wife's fingerprints out of the door handles and front dash in my '83.

    Oh, true this. Even after a recalibration, overspeed under 40 and underspeed over 45.

    I didn't know they still used planes on the East Coast. I haven't seen one since I was a kid
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  9. Saabguy

    Saabguy Formula 3
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    Mar 28, 2012
    Shreveport, LA
    Too right!

    Back in the day I was zooming around in my FIAT 124, I worked on the Weber and it was a quick 124. I got to be friends with the local FIAT parts guy, my then girlfriend BROKE half a dozen door handles reaching for a nonexistent grab handle.

  10. Casino Square

    Casino Square Formula 3

    Apr 21, 2004
    Hong Kong / USA
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    Now THAT is a cop I would like to meet !! :)
  11. ducowti

    ducowti Formula 3

    Jan 27, 2008
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    First fall in my euro 328, snowbirding her from NY to SC, got stopped by a super pissed VA troop about 15mi from the NC line. Couldn't understand why he was all Full-Metal-Jacket-drill-Sgt on me for doing 82 in a 70, until he said "You passed my Sgt in an unmarked charger 10mi ago doing 104! He's been trying to catch you ever since. And there are 3 other troopers here trying to catch you." After things settled, he warned me to be good the remainder of the drive, as they didn't think they'd catch me before NC, and they'd issued a BOLO about me. That's when I learned about VA's draconian reckless driving statute.
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