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Discussion in '360/430' started by 2tall4economy, Feb 24, 2020.

  1. First Ferrari incoming; test drove a 458 and a manual 430. The manual made the entire difference to me, had to have it vs the 458 which was relaxed and comfortable to the point it had me driving it like any other car before the test drive was over. Morally good but not In This case.

    Decided it was time to buy something and applied with Ferraro financial. Long story short the rates and down payments were nowhere near what I’m used to so I took a few weeks to sort out my finances in a much more favorable way. I suspect everything is green light in a week or two.

    but now I’m questioning whether the extra $100k is really worth the incremental 360 vs 430.

    This will be my first Ferrari, I suspect I’ll put more miles on it, I’m not sure if the market will stay high for the 430 manual etc.

    My rational side is screaming at me to get the 360 manual instead.

    Sigh. so torn!!
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  2. CarAholic

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    May 10, 2016
    I think the manual 360 is a better buy then the manual F430. If it was F1 I would say F430. For the price of a manual F430 your better off with a scud for the money. I’d go 360 and save the 100k that’s a lot of track days or a really nice DD.

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  3. flash32

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  4. Oengus

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  5. Graz

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    Go with your gut. You’ll be much happier.
  6. vrsurgeon

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    IMHO the extra $100k isn't worth it now and it wasn't worth it when I bought mine going on 10 years ago. The 360 was designed for the 3-pedal experience. If you need the extra 100 HP then get the 430, but for regular driving when you get to the limit good luck holding on. Plus, they don't make any more manuals. IF you desire a faster Ferrari just trade it in.

    As an aside.. everyone loves the "Scud".. why are they 15 on with the 40k mile examples with a $150k ask. It still has the crappy f1 transmission and nervous 360/430 suspension at the limit. Don't expect them to hold value as the 458's and Speciales drop in price.
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  7. Gated

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    Dec 21, 2009
    FWIW I had a 360 manual. Love it! then had a Viper ACR-E and traded that on a 430 manual. Kept the 430 manual a month and bought the Viper back. Still looking for another 360 Manual. IMO the 360 Manual is the perfect intersection or timeless exterior design, classic interior styling, invigorating performance and raw emotional man-machine connection. I found the 430 manual too smooth, too sedate and too expensive for the driving experience. At 30% more than a 360...sure if you like it better. At a $100K premium? Not a chance unless you're a collector and don't plan on driving it.
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  8. Themaven

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    I have a 430 Spider manual, as well as a F512M, 575 FHP manual and until recently a 550. The 430 is the last of these I’d let go of if the repo men came calling. This is a 360/430 forum and I don’t wish to diss the good people with 360 manuals, but the 430 has a world more low end torque as well as power, meaning it’s much faster in everyday driving, fabulous traction on the limit (e-diff), feels more responsive (stiffer) and has a much nicer interior. It also sounds better, in my view.
    Is it worth 100k more is a question only you can answer, value is totally warped in the exotic car market, as a million examples can show.

    would I trade my 430 for a gated 360 in the same condition plus 100k cash? No. It’s the most fun I have ever had driving a car (I review exotic cars as part of my job).

    would I understand if others did? Sure.

    I think the other gated 430 owners here would agree.
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  9. 550nitis

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    Feb 3, 2016
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    I have a 360 and its fantastic. I also was torn by the 430 but back then the price difference was only 40k. The biggest issue for me was that the 40k meant having to finance and all that funny stuff, so the 360 was just an easier purchase for me which at the end of the month makes me happy. Would have I preffered a 430, for sure, its a newer car and yest still mechanical. The car is great and regardless what anyone say, yes its more car than the 360. But the extra $40 meant more strain financially and knowing I dont have that strain makes my 360 already amazing drive even better.

    For an additional $100k I would buy the 360 and get it a big brother like a 550.
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  10. gatago

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    if you care about investment, this doesn't apply.

    You could buy a cheaper F1 F430 and pay the 13-15K converting it. Much much cheaper than a factory 3 pedal without the price tag.

    Que the 3 pedal owner screeching.. I don't think it'll lower the factory car values, you won't be able to sell it at the premium they call for, but you'll enjoy it all the same.

    One thing though, I bought my F430 with this in mind and ended up changing my mind, I actually ended up liking the F1 system. I'll buy something else with 3 pedals later.
  11. chris0315

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  12. Need4Spd

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    Feb 24, 2007
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    After looking for about a year, I finally found a 360 spider stick I wanted, so I bought it. Not more than 3 months later, a near identical 430 came on the market for about $35k more. Had I not already bought the 360, I might have gone for the 430. But the delta was a bit much with having to sell the 360 and also eat the sales tax. Fast forward to today, and no, as much as I like sticks, I wouldn’t pay 458 money for a 430 stick.

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  13. Texas Forever

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    Apr 28, 2003
    Yeah, but... put a tubi on the F360 and listen to that scream.

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  14. SlowScud

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    Oct 10, 2019
    This is such a personal question and I’m biased but just went through this myself and Scud was the answer. Same price as a 458, old school charm / feel, new school performance, more intense / fun than a 458 and less stuff to worry about than 360/430.

    F1 in the scuds is amazing, my favorite part of the car. First 2 pedal car I have owned so that says a lot. If you want a lower price point get a 430 F1 or a 360 manual. But then you may get cracked headers and belt services and other stuff that Scuds don't have to deal with.

    Can’t help you on investment forecast. I have no idea. But I do know the 360/430 personality, driving experience isn't coming back so enjoy it while you can.
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  15. one4torque

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    May 20, 2018
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    Suggest spending time with all options via f car buddies or car club. Drive them all.

    then decide.

    also it’s not like you buy 1 car for life.... try all 3 over the years.

    these are all good options.

    ive yet to hear someone say they hated what ever variant they bought...

    min the contrary... most defend the purchase for this or that biased reason.

    No wrong answer—-

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